1. D

    Rifle Scopes Vortex customer service thumbs up

    I bought a used Vortex Viper PST 4-16 x 50 FFP scope on another forum. When I received it I found the the ring marks on the tube were actually indentations. The tube was literally bent in due to improper mounting. I called Vortex and they suggested that I either send it to them for analysis or...
  2. Ritten

    Rifle Scopes Proud to be a customer

    These days pride is a fairly common thing. When a person can see the difference he makes by taking pride in his country, speaking out against tyranny and oppression, and watch the difference his active role makes to those around him his heart swells and his chest sticks out a little further...
  3. Killswitch Engage

    Rifle Scopes US Optics customer service

    fellas, i wanted to tell you about my experience with us optics and their customer service. i had an issue with my scope which like was said in another thread...shit happens and even ferraris break. that is not what i am writing about. i want to let you know about the first class treatment i...
  4. insectguy

    Another satisfied TRG 22 Terje customer

    I got my cheekpiece spacer, safety arm and buttpice spacer tonight. They were easy to install, work wonderfully and look pretty cool as well. I have no more stock fitting issues with these pieces installed. Hopefully pictures to follow soon. Way to go Terje! BTW, I overpaid because of my...
  5. Smokin

    Tac Pro Customer Service

    Placed an order for some AI accessories a few weeks. Never heard a workd about my order. I finally called and they werent able to tell me why I wasnt contacted but conjectured that they "might be out of stock". Thats LOUSY customer service in my opinion. If you have a product, ship it. If you...
  6. Q

    RCBS CM 1500 and Customer Service

    I think I have read it here or somewhere that RCBS Customer Service was great and I will 2nd it 100%!! I recieved my CM 1500 Tues. couldn't wait to get it unpacked and start using it. Once I got it unpacked and started using it I was hugely disappointed to find out I had one with a faulty...
  7. B

    Rifle Scopes Super Sniper Customer Service

    I had a super sniper side focus quit working on me. Something internally isn't quite engaging and I think I'm going to have to send it in for work. I was just wondering what experiences people have had dealing with their customer service. Thanks!
  8. B

    Rifle Scopes Another satisfied Liberty Optics Customer

    Just bought my second Leupold from Scott. Same great service, same great pricing, same great guy! If you are in the market for a Leupold, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to contact Scott Berish at Liberty Optics in the great state of Montana.
  9. rmcc

    Rifle Scopes .Leica customer service

    Hi all, Just to pass this on for those who are interested. I have had a Leica RF800 ever since they were available. 2 weeks ago, I dropped it in my truck, not a hard hit but it knocked something loose. Still worked but was way out of focus. I took it in to my local Leica dealer ( I had bought...
  10. A

    Rifle Scopes Liberty Optics Customer Service is SUPERIOR!

    For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of dealing with Scott Berish and Liberty Optics, do yourself a favor and call him if you have a need for optics or their related mounts, rings, or bases. I 1st called on him about two weeks ago and have made repeated calls to him picking his brain...
  11. barenger

    Rifle Scopes IOR Customer Service

    Don't know if this topic's been to the forum looking for direction.bought 3 scopes from an ior distributor (usa optics).who claimed he imported IOR scopes.bought (2) 4x28x56 40 mm tube 2400.00 each and (1)6x24x56 (1400.00) i asked for the exposed elevation knob on the 6x24x56 35mm...
  12. zepplinc20

    Remington Customer Service!!!

    Hey everyone, newbie here. Just wanted to share my recent experience with Remington customer service. I purchased a 700 VTR .22-250 a few months ago. The rifle, as you can see in the pictures, didn't shoot very well. My best group was about 2.57 in @ 100yds (with handloads). I'm not a sniper...
  13. T

    Rifle Scopes Customer Service @ Wonder Optics

    I'm sure this has been said before. But I just wanted to say the customer service Matt has is one of the best. He is easy to comunicate with and definetly does a good job. Called him for a falcon menace Friday had it Tuesday. Nice to still see good customer service.
  14. rdsii64

    Rifle Scopes Wonder optics customer service

    I had to call Mathew at Wonder optics concerning my recent purchase. I have to admit that this man knows what customer service is all about. Based on his customer service alone, he just earned a repeat customer. He really seems like a stand up guy who stands behind his work
  15. clo

    Rifle Scopes Burris Customer Service Sucks!

    Okay hiders, this is my second Burris scope, one is on a FFII on a cheap hunting rig, the other is FFII Tactical 2-7x35mm that I've had nothing but problems with. This scope only sits on my 10/22 so there's no heavy thumping going on. 1st problem: Elevation knob was all screwed up, up was...
  16. rijndael

    RCBS Customer Service

    A while back I dinged up the buttons on my Charge Master. It put a crease (all the way through) in the grm/grn button while working on my bench (carelessly). The button was barely usable. I also had a scratch in the upper key pad from transporting it to and from the range, which was just...
  17. G

    Gunsmithing Brux Barrels Customer Service

    I ordered a barrel from Brux on 12/14. It was a custom taper, so I know it wasnt sitting on a shelf ready to ship. While speaking to Brux, I made mention that I was kind of in a hurry to get it. It was delivered on 12/29. Now, here's where it gets interesting. On 1/5, I call Brux, they tell...