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  1. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing 10/22 barrel fit to 77/22 thread

    Can someone give me the link to the thread where someone on here went through the process step by step of converting a 10/22 to fit a 77/22. Can't find using either of the two search functions.
  2. earthquake

    McMillan A4 stock fit a Remmington 700PSS?

    I have an IBA TPR which is built on the 700PSS platform and tweaked some. Link: http://www.deathfromafar.com/htm/08_iba_weaponsys_tacticalprecision.shtml The HS stock that comes with it does not fit my hand very well, and its non-adjustable. I wanted to upgrade to the McMillan A3 - A5 style...
  3. Tactical30

    Will 75gr. A-Max bullet fit in AR?

    I just purchased 200rds of Hornady A-Max bullets to reload and just realized how much longer they are with the tip on them. Will they fit in a AR mag ao dont even bother trying? Im just wondering if they are going to be over the Max. Cart. OAL. Shit, I hope not or im stuck with 200rds. Or I...
  4. A

    Rifle Scopes PR Heritage 5-25x56 ARD does not fit !

    Just got my new 5-25 Heritage. I bought a USO ARD for it several months ago. I was told that they would fit just like the USO ARD fits on the 50 mm Heritage. I don't know if this is because they changed the front lip on scope or not but the ARD won't fit. Seriously not pleased. I thought I would...
  5. J

    Gunsmithing Action fit?

    Guys, WHat actions will fit correctly into a McMillan A-5 that is inletted for a Remington 700? Additionally what actions can fit with minor gunsmith tweaking of the stock? My point is this, if you ordered a stock for a 700 are you limited to just a 700 action? Thanks, Jack
  6. D

    Trigger fit?

    Does anyone know if any Rem. 700 trigger will fit any Rem. 700? In other word's, will a long action trigger fit a short action gun / and / or an SPS Tactical? I need a stock trigger for a project and I found one, however it is a LA trigger and my rec. is a SA SPS. Will there be a problem?
  7. B

    Rifle Scopes Help = US Optics SN3 does not fit in Larue Mount

    Based on feedback from an earlier post, I ordered a mount from LaRue. Before doing so, I emailed them asking their recommendation for a one piece mount in which I could mount an SN3 TPAL 3.2-17 EREK 44mm low profile, low profile housing. The LT-158 is what was recommended and what I...
  8. C

    Rifle Scopes EGW 20MOA base on REM 700 screws dont fit

    Seems like I saw a post on this a while back but searched it and could not find it. I am installing an EGW base on a buddies REM 700 and the supplied screws are to small in diameter. Anyone know what the size is for the REM 700 receiver?
  9. bohem

    Will a Rem 710 mag fit a Rem 700 action?

    I'm working on a project that's based on using a 700 BDL magazine for a 30-06. The local place has a pair of 710 mags for 30-06 at 15 bucks each. Will they fit a Rem 700? I don't think they will, but before I write off the cheap mags, I figured I'd ask the guys here who might have one.
  10. P

    Gunsmithing AR15 Loose Pin & Hammer Pin Fit - SunDevil

    Guys, I am pretty bent out of shape right now. Got all I need to assemble my first AR15 and wanted to shoot it for Father's Day next weekend. But, project halted because of a SunDevil lower receiver and there is little I can do about it, but to replace it (I think), with another brand. I...
  11. GardDog

    What will fit?

    I have a Win Mod 70 that I added a ER Shaw #4 contour barrel to. Of the variety of rifle stock options that I could go with, which ones could accomodate a 1.125" dia. entire length barrel? I am not 100% happy with the bedding job that I did with a custom Boyd's thumbhole. Would a McMillan...
  12. Nocalphoenix

    Gunsmithing Problem with bolt fit

    Ok I rebedded and pillared an old rifle in a laminated stock and hit the range. Everything went pretty well and shot several 5 shot groups under 3/4" and several 3 shot groups crowding the 1/2" mark. When I was looking the rifle over afterwards I noticed the bolt is hitting the stock. What...
  13. S

    Brass doesn't fit shellholder

    I have a RCBS shellholder for my Rock Chucker. In the past I have had problems with some of my military 7.62x51 NATO cases fitting in it and I figured it was because the case rims were burred or bent from being fired from my gas guns. However I tried brand new unprimed Winchester 308 brass in it...

    Will Redding dies fit in a RCBS Rock Chucker?

    I am selling some dies in calibers that I dont own guns for. A potential buyer asked if Redding dies will fit in his rock chucker. I am almost sure they will but I figured you guys would know best. Thanks
  15. One_Feather

    Photos Maxpedition Double Frag Pouches fit the AI Mags

    I worked with Tim Tang from Maxpedition to make sure the AI Mags fit the Double Frag Granade Pouch. They did.
  16. R

    Gunsmithing What triggers will fit in an AICS stock

    My 700 with jewell trigger will not fit in my AICS stock, What triggers will fit without modification? I have a mark X and old style remington on another rifle I could switch. Will they work? Will a rifle basix fit without modification? AHA Rad
  17. mik3

    AICS stock and Remington saftey won't fit

    Well I just got my AICS stock from a member here (Thank you!). The problem is that when I drop my 5R in the safety is engaged and thus I can not pull the trigger. Is there a fix for this? I'm assuming I can fix this by taking a dremel to the inside. Thanks, Mike
  18. Adam B

    Gunsmithing Inlet a McMillan stock to fit a badger action

    I have a McMillan A5 and was wondering if it would be possible to inlet it for a Badger long action? It is inletted for a Stiller Tac 300 action/Rem L/A, I imagine that the inletting would be along the same lines as to what you do to an AICS but I am not gunsmith.
  19. mdesign

    Range Report Article on rifle fit and long range accuracy

    Article on importance of rifle fit. From time to time I see threads asking questions on how to get LR groups better. The linked article talks about the importance of rifle fit and its effects on groups. It may raise as many questions as it answers but it is food for thought.
  20. mattmcg

    AI rifle grip to trigger doesn't fit?

    A few days ago I had the chance to shoot a family member's AI AW rifle in 308 Win. I'm used to shooting Remington style and McMillan A5 stocks and found the AI AW very cramped in the grip to trigger area! I found this to be somewhat surprising since the thumbhole stock would seem to...