1. RobG

    Will moly make a noticeable change in ballistics

    I NEED 7mm Amaxs and can only find moly coated ones. Will these make a significant change from the standard bullet? Can the moly be removed? Thanks
  2. reewik

    Gunsmithing What do i use to fill stock and make it heavier?

    I own a Remington 700 SPS with the overmolder Hogue stock on it. What material is recommended to fill the front of the stock below the barrel and is there someway to fill the rear as well??
  3. S

    Rifle Scopes Did Leupodl make it???

    I purchased a like new used Leupold Vari-X III 8.5-25x50 with SF and 30mm tube. I can't find anything on these scopes. Every search brings up a VX III. I called leupold and think all I did was confuse them. Does anybody have on of these or seen on. According to the Ser. # it was made it 01...
  4. Oakland Tactical

    Gunsmithing Any home shop guys make their own rings?

    If you made your own rings I have a few questions: 1.Do you have pictures of your project. 2. What tooling (for milling machine) did you use? 3. Do you have drawings you could share/sell?
  5. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Anybody make one-piece 34mm scope mount w/ 20 MOA?

    I'm looking to top an AR10 with an S&B scope and am looking for a one-piece mount with 34mm rings and 20 MOA built in. Does such a thing exist? I've search this site and scoured all over the internet (including on the one-piece mount page) but to no avail. Any tips for where I can source this?
  6. upjeeper

    Gunsmithing If you had a mill or lathe what would you make?

    I'm starting to get into machining and may be able to get access to a mill and lathe at work. Any suggestions what to make? I'm thinking some picatinny rails, maybe scope rings. I'd love to make a ruger 10/22 receiver eventually. other suggestions? thanks much!
  7. P

    Process to make 338 Norma Mag From .338 Lapua ?

    What are the steps involved to make .338 Norma Magnum Brass form .338 Lapua Brass. I have opted to chamber for the .338 Norma Magnum and give it a whirl................ cheers PC.
  8. Wheres-Waldo

    How to make a "Master" Shooting Chrony wireless?

    Would there be any way to make one of the "Master" model Shooting Chronies with the remote thats connected via a phone cord/ CAT-5 cable wireless? Could the units be fitted with a transmitter and reciever?
  9. R

    Who will make a semi auto in 7mm08?

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a manufacturer or gunsmith that can make AR 15 platform in 7mm-08 I would appreciate it. rick
  10. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing Make your own Remmy 700 Firing pin tool

    Final fixture here, It is made of 1/4" 6061 T6 flat plate with angle bolted to it. Everything else was trial and error junk I made my own because I'm a cheap ass. It's really simple, I used two pieces of 2"x4"x1/8" aluminum angle from my shop, some scrap wood, and a piece of 1/2"...
  11. david walter

    Rifle Scopes Does anyone make bases for the FN PBR rifles?

    Does anyone make bases for the FN PBR rifles except those that come with the rifle? It seems that the holes are 8x instead of 6X. Is the easiest solution to just open up the holes on regular Win model 70 bases?
  12. twwilson25

    Photos Rattle Can Make Over

    First paint job on my first custom build.
  13. 300WSM

    Maggie’s Fails to make his Friend's wife Pregnant after 72.

  14. orkan

    Advanced Marksmanship I have a confession to make...

    I flinch when shooting my .50BMG. I have resigned myself to doing whatever it takes to break this habbit. It takes a solid 5-10rnds every shooting session to "settle in" and stop flinching. My .50BMG is the only thing that I really have trouble with. No matter what... the first few rounds never...
  15. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Trying to make a decision.... 17x or 22x USO

    I'm putting together a tactical competition rig in 260 AI to shoot out to 1K. I'm almost there in making a decision on a USO SN3 22x scope but I'm hesitating pulling the trigger on it versus a 17x (of which I have experience with). Why should I NOT GO with the 22x?
  16. AR308

    Do grips make a difference?

    If so what's a good one? I've seen a couple different ones, but I don't want to buy one without knowing the quality. I've been looking at the dpms tactical grip. Better grips out there? Does it matter? BTW, I did a search and didn't turn up anything helpful and I couldn't find anything on...