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  1. 308Dude

    Gunsmithing Muzzle Brake size ??

    How do I decide which size brake to buy? They come in 5/8" and 7/8" with 24 & 28 tpi. This is for a 308 having a 0.820" barrel diameter.
  2. E

    Rifle Scopes what size BC scope caps

    Because I hate to have to return stuff, can some one tell me with confidence what size of BC caps fit the NF NFX 5.5 - 22 X56? I'm guessing a #18 oc. and a #48 obj. Am I correct?
  3. H

    45ACP brass w/ small size primer pockets

    I was reloading some 45's today and ran across a problem I have never seen before and was wondering if anyone else could tell me about it. Some of the brass takes small pistol primers instead of the large ones. The brass I am talking about is headstamped Winchester NT 45 ACP +P. I have never...
  4. Dsparil

    HTG Stock and slip-on limbsaver pad size?

    what size limbsaver pad would work best with an HTG stock?
  5. reewik

    Remington 700 magazine size?

    I have the Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308. What do I need to get to allow 5 rounds in the magazine instead of 4?
  6. R

    Rifle Scopes scope base screw thread size? (FN A2 SPR)

    Does anyone know what the screw thread size is for this receiver? Are they mostly standardized on most rifles? I want to chase the threads in the receiver with a tap, but I'd prefer to start with the right size from the get-go. Edit: Nevermind, found out. 8-40
  7. E

    Newbie to reloading - Size new brass?

    Just a newbie working on developing a load for my new "used" PAI rifle. Do you need to size new brass? I have new Win. brass do I need to size them or just primer pocket uniform, flash hole deburr, Trim to length, chamfer inside and outside of neck, and then load? Thanks
  8. N2rockets

    Rifle Scopes USO SN-3 or SN-3 TPAL? Scope size?

    Hi all. I have a Remington 700 PSS and want to get a scope that will last even when I upgrade to a better gun (AI AW .308/.338?) in the future. I have been looking a lot and so far the USO SN-3 series looks pretty amazing. I am wondering which is better for my needs, the SN-3 or the SN-3 TPAL...
  9. K

    Gunsmithing Custom Drill and Tap size (.578 x 28tpi)

    I've been checking around to see if I can find a bottom tap anywhere in .578" x 28tpi. When I finally got a price quote it was $160 for a HSS tap, 2" OAL. Wont spend that much. Does anyone know where to find a tap that size or am I going to have to cut female threads with the lathe? Thanks in...
  10. 19818119

    Groove/bore size Q

    Gents, I have to choose either a 4 or 5R groove as well as either a .236 or .237 bore for a .243 win bbl Bartlein 1/7.5 twist bbl Which and why? Thanks again. Rath
  11. C

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 Action Screw Size

    Does anyone know what thread size the action screws are on a rem 700?
  12. G

    Rifle Scopes USO lens cover size

    Anyone know what size Butler Creeks would fit on a brand-new, still in the box, just shipped to my door USO 3.2-17x44 ? ............and don't even ask why I need them.
  13. 19818119

    Bushing Size

    For the guys running the 115 DTAC's through lapua brass in .243 Win. What bushings size are you using
  14. J

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek scope cover size for Nightforce NXS

    any help appreciated .I have to order these online . Can someone please let me know the correct size that they have found for the NXS 5.5-22 x 56 Thanks Jason
  15. 1

    Rifle Scopes What Size BC Cover For my NF NXS 32mm Obj?

    Hi all, I'm trying to determine the correct size Butler Creek lens cover for my 2.5-10x32 NF NXS objective. Does anyone one here know the correct size? If so, please share, I'd greatly appreciate it. From another thread (for the 24mm obj), it looks like the ocular uses a size 13. Thanks in...
  16. F

    Rifle Scopes what size ring height do i need?

    i have a remington 700 sps tactical. going to be putting on a mark4 6.5x20x50. i am going to use a 20 moa base. leupold says to use high rings. im wanting to use the lowest possible. has anybody with my setup used the mediums. thanks everyone.
  17. Superjet06

    For you that neck size only

    Do you change your load with new brass from your load you've fire formed your brass with? With my new remington 5R, I accidently found my dream load first time out with new brass, .250-.400moa cofirmed with 30 rounds. Is it safe to assume I should just neck size and load up as the exact same as...
  18. sniper7mm

    How much of the neck to size??

    When using bushing style neck size dies how much of the neck are you all sizing, all of it just to the shoulder? Or just a portion of the neck?
  19. jayjaytuner

    what size redding bushing do i need?

    For .223 remington gonna be loading 77 grain lapua scenars dont have the compenents YET... figured someone would know to save me some time..... its gonna be for a precision SPR ar-15 so im assuming .001 smaller than one for a precision bolt gun. thanks for any help jason
  20. C

    Using a FL Die to Neck Size

    I have heard and read several opinions on this topic, I would like to get some input from members who have done this, would also like to know if it is a recommended procedure, or should I just buy a Neck Sizer die for the rifle. I will only be firing the brass in 1 rifle. Remington 700P 300WM...