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  1. O

    SOLD Geissele DDC 30mm mount

    Like new Geissele DDC 30mm mount. 225 paypal shipped
  2. jason_mazzy

    Rifle Scopes super sniper vs better

    i understand optics are very important, something to do with the recoil shifting them per each shot.now the super sniper is relatively cheap, and heard it was great bang for the buck. are you forced to go with the higher end scopes for every tactical reason? or will a super sniper suffice?
  3. Thud

    S&S Super Shoot

    Times fast approaching people. Sing up and be counted. Email me for info if needed. Lew
  4. NikolaiS

    Rifle Scopes Falcon vs Super Sniper

    Hey guys, I've seen a lot of attention paid to the Falcon series and an overall "great for the money" review. Anyone have opinions on how they compare with SS scopes? About the same price and seem to be appealing to essentially the same market strategy of offering a "$1000 scope for...
  5. slayer_21420

    Suppressors Super blackhawk hunter question

    Will the Hogue replacement grip for the super blackhawk work on the SBH hunter? I couldn't find any info on this and I have a SBH hunter comeing, I know it has a round trigger gaurd and the SBH has a square backed trigger gaurd? thanks, Steve
  6. C

    S&S Super Shoot- Who's Practicing?

    Justin and I went to our range this morning to get scopes adjusted from 400 to 500 yds. That extra 100 yds. is going to make a big difference in how many mini's I can hit! Elevation was varying up to 1.5 inches but windage was stringing up to 5 inches depending on my wind call. Lets hope they...
  7. cwfletch

    Armalite Super SASS (New Generation) Question

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and impressed with the vast amounts of information and knowledge here so far. My question concerning the Armalite was three fold: 1) Reliability Issues 2) Actual MOA Performance (Cold Bore/168 SMK/175 SMK/etc) 3) vs DPMS SASS I am familar with the KA MK...
  8. bohem

    Suppressors Looking for a 9.5" barreled Super Redhawk

    I'm looking for a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44mag with the 9.5" barrel. The 7.5'[s are nice but I really love the one that my dad has with the 9.5 barrel. If you're in the local shop and you see a new one in the case please let me know, maybe they will ship it to my local FFL holder. The local...
  9. wjwill

    Aguila Super Colibri Penetration test.

    It all started when I was in the shout box asking for advise on shooting feral cats in the backyard. Chuff, JLM, and Salmonaxe told me the quietest 22lr ammo is the Super Colibri. So I ordered 500 rounds of it and decided to do a penetration test with it. The round has no powder at all and fires...
  10. H

    Rifle Scopes rookie super sniper question....

    ok, i am just getting into the next level of shooting, i finally got stretched out to 300yds today and learned allot from my 100 yd zero. on my 308 w/ a 100 yd zero i shot off the first dot down w/ a super sniper 20x and was impacting about two inches low, i have now set the knobs to zero(for...
  11. 3

    Super Sniper on Rimfire

    Anyone got a 20X Super Sniper on their rimfire? Looking for a new scope for my 10/22 and want atleast 20x but want to stay under $300. Using it to punch tiny groups on paper at 25, 50, & 100m. I don't want to go BSA direction, Mueller and Millet scopes have scopes in the $200 range but...
  12. Thud

    S&S Super Shoot info

    Guys its fast approaching September 12. The first S&S Super shoot. Please tell your fiends and who ever about this shoot. Lets make it succesful and fun. The format will be Trap Targets big and small at 500 yards. Just some small things to work out but if more info is needed please email me here...
  13. L

    Gunsmithing Rebarrel Ruger Super Blackhawk 44

    I know this forum is for rifles, but are there any gunsmiths out there that would be willing to put a Shilen barrel on my Ruger Super blackhawk? How much do you charge or who do you recommend? Mine has a 7/12 barrel on it now, and would like to have this one cut down to 4 5/8 and front sight...
  14. dontstrokeme

    Rifle Scopes Super Sniper Turrets

    I know this has probably been covered but I can't get the Google search to find me an answer. Problem: Shooting Saturday and dialed up and down a few times with no problems...elevation has always been hard starting but then turns to each detent just fine, but I got the scope used so who...
  15. Mumbles

    Rifle Scopes Super Sniper Variable Power

    http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-3-9x42-Tactical-Riflescope-P41044.aspx This is news to me. Is this news to anyone else, or am I behind the times? I searched but didn't come up with anything.
  16. F

    Rifle Scopes Rogue Super Scopes

    Anyone here on the Hide have any experience with the Rogue Super Scope Roguesuperscopes.com
  17. JLM

    Rifle Scopes Weaver Super Slam Tactical

    From Accurateshooter.com "Tactical Super Slams Have Front Focal Plane (FFP) Reticles There are two new Japanese-made Super Slam Tactical Models, the 3-15×50 (#800362), and the 4-20×50 (#800360). Both scopes feature 30mm main tubes, large fixed turret knobs (no caps), and a mil-dot reticle...
  18. Mgordon

    Gunsmithing Benelli M1 Super 90 reliablity problems

    I have Benelli M1 Super 90 12 Ga that does not seem to function with anything less than 3 1/4 Dram loads. I'm getting FTE, FTF I might be new to the Benelli Semi auto game, but this does not seem right. I think it should function with just about any 12 Ga load for the most part. I took the...
  19. P

    Tikka T3 Super Varmint vs T3 Tactical

    Other than a threaded muzzle, what is the real difference here? Looks like they use the same stock, same pic rail, maybe a slightly different barrel...would I be paying for just Tacticoolness or is it a real upgrade? Also, who has these things in stock? Thanks!!!
  20. T

    Rifle Scopes Super sniper glass etched?

    Recently bought (2) SS10x42 scopes from ebay (swfa) and when i recieved them i noticed that they appear to have wire reticles. Previously, on the other two i own, when looking at the reticle they appear to have a bluish reticle (when looking through the shadow). Have they changed from glass...