1. selfbowhunter

    anschutz or sako.... help me decide today

    i have worked out possible deals on a sako p94s and an anschutz 1416d HB. both rifles are in excellent condition with little use. the sako is $150 more. which is the better rifle for a trainer? which is likely to shoot better? thanks. chuck
  2. R

    Member Link Up DFW Today? 8/15/09

    Thinking about heading out to magnum in sanger to run some dot drills and knock the dust off the rifle. Anybody else feel like headin out that way?
  3. mjh30

    Am I slow today? do I need this rifle

    I just walked away from a early Remington 700 308 ADL in excellent condition, rifle is 168xxx with short bolt shroud, high safety and square stripper cut. Do I slap myself senseless and go right back and buy it. Problem is I have just spent a lot recently of stocks, scopes, ammo and the likes...
  4. riley5001

    Suppressors Called NFA today

    Called NFA today to check the status of my form 4 ( doing it as a trust). I called because it had been mailed in, by my dealer back in April. I was told it was assigned and pending as of 07/10/2009. Anybody know about what the aveage wait from here might be. I know some may be sooner and some...
  5. shooter65

    From today's match.
  6. BgBmBoo

    Brought home the 6XC bench rrifle today

    Well....I got to pick up my latest tool for long range bench shooting today. I know most of the folks here are into tactical rifles...and I am too....but just started playing the BR game and this is my first BR rifle. Brought it home and installed the base and scope. Will be loading up some...
  7. O

    Took her to the range for the first time today

    First time shooting my new rifle at the range today. After getting it bore sighted and adjusting the scope I shot 3 consecutive shots.
  8. deersniper

    Hunting & Fishing Shot at a deer today at 900 yards, wounded it.

    Ok, I didn't really do that. Why is it acceptable practice to take shots at predators (fox, coyote, etc) at distances that don't ensure a clean kill, but it is considered unethical to shoot at a game animal such as a deer at long range? I respect a fox alot more than a lyme disease carrying...
  9. B

    Site in today at 200 yards, 5 shot group

    Changed my rings. For the guys who are always asking where those sub 1moa.
  10. TrickPony29

    Suppressors Just got her today

    New in box with two mags for $650 how did I do?
  11. AlabamaShooter

    Sighted in the 40x today

    Finally got the 40x to the range this afternoon to get the scope dialed in. And I had the range all to myself on a pretty Alabama afternoon. Thanks again to Don in SC, this is one beautiful gun. Although I still need to pick up a Harris adapter for the Freeland rail in the stock, and another...
  12. HTR707

    Today's State of the Art in 6.8 X 43 mm SPC

    This might be a good time to do a review of the "state of the 6.8." What is my purpose? Well, there have been many changes since the first 6.8 Performance test I helped host at Wild River Ranch. I think it would be wise to help update those who have bought 6.8's and those still trying to sort...
  13. JoeMartin

    Reached 200 Yards Today @ 2:31 pm MST

    At 2:31 pm MST at our local range this day (6/11/09) I finally reached the 8" x 10" - 3/16" thick gong at 200 yards. It was not with the rifle I thought I would have gotten there first with as I just decided to grab the lesser Lakefield MarkI that has a 3-7x20 BSA scope on it, and is zeroed in...
  14. akabaron

    Guess what followed me home today

    Was running low but picked up 2 8lb kegs for 130.00 each. Not the best price but no tax, no hazmat fees was out the door price. Now the .308s and .223s will be happy again for a while. Got some 4895 coming also.
  15. orkan

    Got my AICS 2.0 today!

    Nice stock! I thought it would come with a naked woman or something, considering what it cost! Mine showed up today from Mile High and I was quick to slap my rem700 SPS 308 in there. Before: After:
  16. S

    Fieldcraft Painted the old Shotgun today

    Was having some fun with Krylon. No really the best paint job ever, but I figured I'd practice on an old shotgun before I try paining my rifle.
  17. malaga2

    Suppressors Got my can today !!

    Trident 9 came home with me today...pending April 22..sign off May 21.. And a big shout out for Mike at real gent to deal with..
  18. 4

    Rifle Scopes New ST-10 came home with me today!

    Here's a new ST-10 that I brought home today! Thanks Jeff & Steve @ USO for helping me out today with the scope and mounting. Thanks for looking! 45
  19. lordt313

    First time reloading, first batch shot today.

    Over the past several months I have been building up to reload, having never done it I was really nervous. I watch the RCBS DVD and watched ol Jim Scouten show me how its done. I read both the Speer and Sierra realoding manuals, and have been on this thread more time than I can count, that...
  20. T

    What is Varget stock up to today???

    HOW MUCH IS VARGET UP TO TODAY? I had a few lbs along with some RL22, LIL Gun and H1000 + a few primers. Man said he would take it all then tells he wants a deal. I told him what the could do. I was asking $25 per lb and I thought that was a deal after seeing it on Gunbroker