1. Jthom091

    Looking to Purchase or Build My First 338 Lapua

    I have made up my mind I want to spend the money to purchase a nice 338 Lapua I can not decide whether to purchase or build the rifle I want. I thought about building one using a stillers tac 338 action and an obermeyer 5R barrel but the more I think about it I wonder if there is a factory gun I...
  2. M

    Muzzle Brake needed!

    I am an ex baseball player and have had shoulder injuries. Even shooting my .30-06 bothers me after multiple shots. What is a good clamp on muzzle brake or inexpensive brake? I really do not want to spend the money to get my barrel threaded. What are the best clamp on brakes and are they...
  3. Rlbol

    Lmt LM308MWS advise?

    I am hoping to find a little advise on a lmt 308. I have shoot mostly bolt rifles but I some how stumbled a pawn the lmt. I do have a lwrc m4 so I am familiar with the platform other then the ar-10/ 308 differences. So I have a little spending money and was thinking about picking up one of...
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes Need some optics advise PLEASE

    Ok. I've owned an eotech 553 with a FTS magnifier wich worked perfectly. I then sold that for an acog TA31F after reading a bunch of bad hype on other forums about the eotechs. After using both I feel under armed in a CQB with the acog due to fixed magnification and limited FOV. On a plus note...
  5. E

    Suppressors Need advise on a suppressor for a 300 Win. Mag.

    I need some advise on which suppressor to get for a 300 Win. Mag., I'm also going to use it on a 6BRX, any suggestions?
  6. scott1119

    Need advise please

    Im just starting to reload, never put a round together yet, what I want to load is a 223 round for match and varmint out to 250 yards, I will be shooting this round thru a Remington 700 5R 223, 1 in 9 twist,also any accuracy tips would be very much appericeated. I need info on bullet type, brand...
  7. M

    Rifle Scopes Advise on S&B 1.1-4x24

    I am thinking of putting a S&B 1.1-4x24 Flashdot scope on a LRB M25 (M1A). It will primarily be used hunting boar. How versatile is this scope? Does anyone have one mounted on a M14 M1A, how does it work out? Is the S&B worth the price over the other 1-4 type scopes? Thanks, merlinn
  8. MacMan

    Rem700 trigger advise.

    Any recomendations for an after market trigger for a short action Rem700.Timney,Jewell,Shilen?Rifle is 20" suppressed tactical setup.Chassis has not been chosen. Thank you!
  9. S

    i need advise

    i have a small dilemma. i want to purchase a centerfire in .223 or .270, prefer bolt action. down side is my budget for the rifle is 350-400 bucks. the main purpose would be groundhogs and yotes so the distance will be no more than 400yrds. what do you prefer? another plus would be if it was a lefty
  10. F

    Need advise on ammo.

    I think I have decided to sell my norinco M14. Nothing wrong w/ the gun that I know of, just had some bad dealings w/ a smith trying to turn it into more of what I want. No work was ever done...see my other thread. Anyway, I am having a rifle put together by GAP & I hate to dump all the ammo I...
  11. D

    Bell & Carlson Stocks (Need Advise)

    I am going to get a Bell & Carlson stock for my 700P. I have shot a rifle with the A3 stock and I liked it. I also like the way the A2 looks. Can anyone give me any positives or negatives of the 2 scopes? Anyone have experience with both? I am not concerned with the weight of the stock.
  12. J

    Need advise on hoilding my 300 Win off of bags

    I have been doing quite well with smaller calibers, (I think). I'm new at shooting magnums from a bench rest, (It's 14lbs), I had heard that Senderos were very accurate. Well my groups don't prove that. It's new with 50 rounds through it with a 6.5X20 Mk4 on it. I get 2 or 3 almost...
  13. Cajunjarhead

    Rifle Scopes Scope advise request

    Looking for a little advise, I'm new to this site, but not to shooting. I currently shoot a 700PSS 7.62 w/ Leupold MK IV 3.5x10 40mm. this is a great gun and shoots 1/2 MOA. It is my primary weapon and is the one I will continue to shoot the most. But I was just invited to shoot Pdog in Wy and...