1. Jrtex

    WTB Desert Tech Proof carbon 300 norma barrel

    I am looking for a proof carbon fiber Desert tech SRS 300 norma barrel, 24-26”. Let me know if you have one.
  2. V

    Opinions on the Desert Tactical Arms SRS

    I'm looking at the Desert Tactical Arms SRS. A friend of mine turned me onto it but I've never seen or had the chance to shoot one. I love what I see on the website in that they have made it very compact and light weight without sacrificing accuracy. At least they claim. I'd love to hear...
  3. H

    Starter loads for Desert tactical 308 and 338?

    I know each rifle is unique. That said, I am wanting to get a few rounds loaded for my 338 conversion that is supposed to be here next week. Can any of you guys give me some loads that have worked well for your 338 SRS? I just want to have 50 or so rounds ready to start load development when I...
  4. jephs422

    Where to buy Desert Tactical?

    I looked on GB, and found one, but can I just buy direct? I am getting ready to sell a lot of hunting rifles to fund this and use this as an "all around" rifle.
  5. H

    More questions about Desert Tactical ***PICS/RR***

    I searched and didnt find anything. I am wondering about some of the Desert Tactical accessories. Specifically their quality and prices. I am wondering if their cleaning kit is high quality and worth the cost. It includes a coated cleaning rod a bore guide plus more stuff. Is anyone here...
  6. A

    Desert Tactical Arms SRS in Las Vegas Aug 1-2!!!!

    For those who are interested in seeing the Desert Tactical Stealth Recon Scout in person I will be doing demonstrations with the rifle at the Las Vegas Gun show this next weekend (Aug 1-2). We will have lots of brochures and rifles for people to play with and dry fire. Look for us that the...
  7. H

    Desert Tac SRS

    Guys, I dont mean to start a duplicate topic, but I am wanting to hear some current opinions and range reports of the latest generation of the SRS from Desert Tactical. I understand that they have really nailed the latest iteration of the trigger. Can anyone with a recent model confirm this...
  8. J

    Rifle Scopes Optics for a Desert Eagle

    Hi Guys I want a red dot for my DE. Its going on a .440 corbon 10" barrel. Aimpoint or Eotech? It will be my 200yrd gong gun. I wish we could hunt with sidearms in Canada, man that would be sweet, but no dice. Anyways, suggestions? Thanks
  9. C

    Rifle Scopes Colors to match the desert camo pattern

    OK attempting to paint a scope... I cannot seem to find an exact or really close color match ( Spray can )to the light and medium tan/beige colors in the McM desert camo pattern. any freakin help at all would be great... growing overly frustrated.
  10. jayjaytuner

    sand or desert camo

    anyone have pics of either, or bolth...... lookin at gettin a mcmillan in one or the other, they seem to be kinda similar from the pictures, but never seen either in person.
  11. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 CheyTac Desert Edition

    I got to paint another 375 CheyTac today. This one done in a "military inspired" desert theme camo. These rifles are awesome to see in person for sure. This one belongs to hide member KYShooter338. Pics are a bit less than top quality, but hopefully you can see it well enough to enjoy...
  12. C

    Desert Tactical Arms SRS 338 LM

    Awesome rifle...shot one out to 1100 meters, very accurate Shot BH 300 grain Sierra MK's no problem with 8 inch gong at 475 yards...well engineered rifle
  13. V

    Desert Tactical SRS. What color?

    I have a Desert Tactical SRS ordered that should be headed my way in this next batch of rifles. I currently have it ordered in all black but I am starting to waver some on the color. I know I want to leave the receiver and rails black but I am debating swapping to Tan stock panels. What do you...
  14. beenjammin

    Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout .308

    Been looking really close at this rifle and just wanted to know if anyone here has one? I cant find too many reviews on it. Looks like a great rifle and have seen claims of 1/2 moa out to a grand, so Id like to know what the SH word on this rifle is.
  15. O

    Camo job for varmints at the desert oasis

    My first attempt using Rusto. "stone paint" with a stencil from the craft store and rusto matte olive green. I don't know how rugged the stone paint will be as it has a lot of texture (probably inappropriate for a 338 LM !) The rifle is a classic 722 222 Rem with a 26" Shilen bbl and Canjar SST...
  16. S

    Fieldcraft Desert night parka?

    Anyone know where to find any? Large or extra large size. They are light weight and make great ghille shells.
  17. D

    Desert Camo - Duracoat colors

    Hey guys, anybody got a good idea of which Duracoat colors would best represent the Desert Camo pic attached? I am trying to figure out which three colors to go with from Duracoat. Attached is a pic of the desert camo I am referring to. I was thinking #116 Multi Beige for the base, #11 Desert...
  18. T

    Photos a desert savage

    the ol' chocochip, slightly modified, works pretty good early spring through fall and in rocky areas better than most think
  19. Guns4570

    Desert Tactical Arms Steath (Pics added)

    Well, I picked up the SRS and 308 barrel at the FFL today. 338 conversion will show up in a week or two. Waiting on glass thats due in 3-4 weeks. Very cool rifle can't wait to get some time behind it.
  20. Ratbert

    Desert Tactical SRS Range Report

    Took my new SRS out to hogtooth's shooter/spotter class this weekend and, while the weather sucked, the SRS shot superbly. 10-12mph winds (not gusts), 40* and dropping temps, and rain combined with the sandy soil into a lovely slurry that coated everything. Ammo, rifles, chambers, scopes...