1. 2

    Suppressors Form 1 Finished!, lots of pic's

    This has been my first form 1 and has been great fun. All work was done on <span style="font-weight: bold">manual</span> machines, since thats all I have access to. Started out with baffles first. Cut my 1.5" 304 bar into 1.200" sections. Put them in the lathe and faced both ends, then...
  2. M

    New Rifle Finished Let Me Know What You Think.

    I am new to long range shooting and just finished up my first rifle project let me know what you think about it. Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 WIN H-S Precision stock with Burris Extreme Tactical 3x-12x-50mm
  3. S

    Great freaking news. Rifle is finished.

    This past tuesday I got the call from Tracy at GAP, my full build is finished. George had givin me a build time of 6 to 8 months. Well the call came in at 6 months and 1 day after placing the order. WOW! Damn I can't wait. The 6 months went by quickly but the next week is going to take forever...
  4. Chance

    Movie Theater Just Finished a great Western series

    My wife and 3 girls had gone out of town for about a week and I rented Comanche Moon and followed it up with the old favorite Lonesome Dove. If you have a few days, like westerns, and haven't seen either of these, or it's been a while since watching owe it to yourself to watch them...
  5. D

    I've finished my GAP......well at least for now?

    GAP Crusader, 308 winchester bought from Billy here on the hide. Came in the Storm case. Love it, best rifle I've ever owned. USO SN-3.2-17X in green bought here from Ken on the hide. All kinds of goodies and upgrades, so happy can't stand it. Nothing that's not been seen here before but this...
  6. kmussack

    My 40X is Finished

    I built a .22RF clone of my .308 rifle so I could practice with the .22RF indoors and at reduced ranges. At the top is my .308. I used a Remington 40X .22RF action to build the clone. Feel and balance is nearly identical. I decided to use a SS 10X on the .22RF because it allows for shooting...
  7. jmorris

    Suppressors finished 458 socom suppressor

    I built this on a form 1. The first ar in the linked video is a .223 with an AAC M4-2000-08 the 2nd is a 458 with the can in the photos below
  8. S

    My Manners stock is finished.

    Called them today and they said it will ship at the latest, begining of next week. So exiteted. Now I need to get my butt in gear and get the action acurized, barrel fitted, and chamberd. So much to do. It going to be a .308 on a 700 action with a rock 7# barrel and the manners t4a stock. Its my...

    Photos The mauser is finished !!!

    finally happy with it !
  10. selfbowhunter

    308 on SURGEON RSR finished

    Surgeon RSR receiver Mcmillan thumbhole stock Hollands bottom metal Kreiger 4 groove 1-12 heavy target 25" 308 match .340nk .050 freebore from ptg i wanted the rifle set up for the 155's and possibly 175's on the heavy end. with the sierra 155's, the end of the boat tail is even with the...
  11. C

    Finished my SBR!

    Hope it shoots as well as it looks!
  12. diggler1833

    5R Finished

    Finally got my glass in my 5R. It is a Sightron SIII 8-32x56mm, and I hate to say it, but so far the quality seems to be superior to my recently purchased Leupy MK4. With the Nightforce 20MOA base and IOR low rings I've got probably a 1/16" space between the barrel and scope, but I like it...
  13. diggler1833

    SPS Tactical nearly finished

    I picked up this .223 about 2 months ago and had it sitting around for glass and a stock. I know that it isn't a custom by any means, but it is what is and I should be able to wring out some accuracy anyways with handloads. I still have to bed it, which I may get around to doing tomorrow. I...
  14. btc624

    Finally Finished (TRG)

    I know you guys seen ah ton of these before but thought I would post it now that I got all the accessories and scope on it. All factory accesories and topped off with a 5.5-22x56 nxs nightforce with the np-r2 recticle. The np-r1 was just ah tad to busy for me when shooting paper but I have to...
  15. chrisgunguy

    Suppressors The Punisher is finished.

    Thanks for the help in deciding how to engrave it. It is chambered in .357 sig. Enjoy
  16. B

    Gunsmithing Finished my scope base...

    I finally got my 1-piece base machined. I wouldn't actually say it was finished since I still need to put a finish on it. It took me 2 tries on making it. The the double angle tool I ground was oversized and forgot to compensate for it. So the first one's rails were not to spec. I...
  17. R

    Photos 6.8mm just finished

    Just finished my 6.8mm Bushy lower dpms upper daniel defense forearm with magpul covers trijicon 3-9x40 amber illum with mild dot larue quick release scope mount harris bipod with larue adapter
  18. jmorris

    finished the auto annealer today

    It now has a case feeder. Is the link to the album complete with videos and photos. The first video should answer the question, does the base of the case get too hot.
  19. Recon Sniper

    My M-4 is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!

  20. S

    Finished the gun room

    Put a lot of hours in this. Can't find my camera so I had to use my wife's so the pic kinda sucks. What do you think?