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  1. I

    Good time at CVT w/ Vern

    Had a great time with Vern this past w-e. Conditions were constantly changing. Improved spotter/shooter communications combined with technique and equipment adjustments netted me improvement over previous outings. Gear: TRG-22, S&B, and M118LR all bought from Hide classifieds...
  2. B

    Gunsmithing Good Gunsmith in Georgia to recommend???

    I am trying to find a good gunsmith in Ga to do some work on my Savage. DO any of yall know of anyone that yall would recommend?
  3. D

    A good weekend!

    The mailman may not be happy with me, but I sure am pleased. A MCM htg adj, 1150 nosler 155 cc's, bottom metal, 20 boxes of m118 special ball, and 2 boxes of 190 smk's in one delivery. Now got to get rid of the HS 700 VS stock so I can get more stuff!
  4. D

    foster case trimmer any good ?

    just looking at the foster case trimmer, its the one you mount on a drill press is it any good i was thinking about mounting it on a small mill/drill with very fine adjustment what do you think any body got one?
  5. Bushmaster7

    Rifle Scopes US Optics Article - Good Read

    There was a great article in the Summer 2009 Edition of Guns & Ammo Combat Tactics on the newstands now about US Optics. Entitled <span style="font-weight: bold">"Aiming To Be The Best"</span> the article is repleat with pics of John Williams III and some of the US Optics folks along with some...
  6. Hasgun Willtravel

    Fulton AR Lowers Any good?

    I have the chance to pick one up for $150, are they worth building a m4rgery out of?
  7. C

    ohaus 1010 scale any good

    does anybody know about this scale any comments
  8. Wheres-Waldo

    A good day at the range.

    Did some more extended load development/ paper punching at a little longer range today, not LONG RANGE by any means. Heres probably the best group I've ever produced MOA wise at any range, much less off of a bipod and rear bag out of the bed of my pick-up truck. 309.5 yards 1.013 CTC .32 MOA...
  9. E

    Good headlight

    What I have found is Petzl ultra headlamp 350 lum @ $440.00 Any suggestions ?
  10. srtsam

    Next week should be a very very good week!!

    I just off the phone with GAP and my Crusader should go in the mail today or monday. Can't wait!! and as a Bonus the Gunny Hathcock HD rifle I traded Hydro for should also arive. Christmas is June/July!!!
  11. D

    Rifle Scopes Good price on Geovid 10x42's and 8x42's

    Hey guys, if you were interested in getting a set of Leica Geovids now might be a good time to buy. Eagle Optics (I have no affiliation with them) has the 10x42's on sale for $1750 shipped and Leica is offering a $350 rebate on top. I just ordered a pair and when I get the rebate the grand...
  12. D

    Good place to buy hogue overmold stock for 10/22

    Who's got the best price, shipping times, cs, etc.. Thanks
  13. R

    Hunting & Fishing Good deal on a mount.

    So I shot this lil buck last year or the year before and just had it skull mounted. Had a young kid who is an apprenticing taxidermist ask if he could please mount it for the cost of materials and he would provide a nice dark cape. I figure if he does a good job on the finish work, my group of...
  14. softcock

    Damn !, .Savage looking pretty good tonight.

    Wow, Box factory Savage is looking pretty sweet to me now these days. Took a couple pics. of this Savage Factory 'custom shop' ( complete with All option ) as seen in Pic. Don't know all the factory specs. on this Savage shop model. It is a Folder with all Adjustments. Maybe if someone that...
  15. Twisted

    Good quality brass and bullet decisions....

    Shooting a Rem 700 SPS Tactical in .308 w/ 20" barrel. I have been shooting the 168gr SMK's with good results but also haven't tried much else. They are a light load (42gr varget) so no matter what I need to work it up some. I want to eventually get out to 1000 and maybe a bit further with...
  16. Big Bo

    Movie Theater Was the movie Valkyrie any good?

    The wife asked if the movie Valkyrie was any good and I told her that I would ask the HIDE. Well?
  17. T

    GOOD NEWS, and a few questions

    Well after bugging my wife about it for a couple months now she finally pulled the trigger and said yes to an AR. so i have a stripped noveske 5.56 lower in route. thats the good news, now for the questions. I am in the military and was wondering if i could get my legal office to create the...
  18. T

    Gunsmithing A good way to clean and work on actions - Vise It

    I often find that instead of using a gun stand, it's easier to just vise the barrel for cleaning or tweaking the action. Here's a pic of my bench. http://takdriver.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=44
  19. F

    Maggie’s The Importance of A Good Woman

    1. It's important to have a woman, who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job. 2. It's important to have a woman, who can make you laugh. 3. It's important to have a woman, who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you.. 4. It's important to have a woman, who is...
  20. SmokeRolls

    Good AR 22LR conversion kits?

    Whats a real good reliable and well performing 22LR conversion kit for the AR-15? I saw a kit today and it had a spider emblem on the tube it came in. I can't remember the company name. I tried to find stuff on this by doing a search but I didn't find what I was looking for. I can get the kit...