1. JCH

    Am I gonna run into pressure issues?

    I am loading up some 223 AI ammo for testing. I am using R15 and moly'd 75gr Hornady Amax's with Magtech 7 1/2 small rifle primers. I started at 24.0 and went in .2 grain incriments to 25.2 Just want to make sure that I am not going to get into high pressures when getting into the last groups...
  2. B

    Suppressors AR 5.7/ Spectre feeding issues?

    I've got a AR 5.7 upper and a SWR Spectre can for it. The gun has functioned flawlessly (800+ rds) w/out 1 jam. I have major feeding problems w/ the can on? I have also tried my M4-1000 on it w/ no luck. I know that it's blowback and not a DI gas system, and I used the supplied buffer w/ the...
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes Fujinon M22 issues?

    Read on here that some hash marks may not be up to standard on the reticle! Any input would be of great help. Thanks.
  4. S

    Hunting & Fishing Pdog with issues

    Went out with a good friend on a quick one day trip and blasted a fair number of em. Here is one that caught a 105amax out of my 6br. Poor little guy...didn't even see it comin
  5. A

    20 moa base issues ?

    I am relatively new here so if this topic has been addressed before I apologize for bringing it up again. What is the effect of using a 20-m.o.a. base on a.22 cal rimfire at the closer ranges? Can you still get a zero at 25 and 50 yards using for instance a Weaver T-36?
  6. mattmcg

    Any issues reloading 338 Lapua on a Forster Co-Ax?

    Thinking about adding a 338 Lapua rifle to the mix and am wondering if there are any issues with reloading 338 Lapua on a Forster Co-Ax press. I'd probably go with the Redding Type S full length resizer die and the competition bullet seating die and was wondering if I'd have any issues with it...
  7. D

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 ejection issues?

    I've got a new G series Remington 700PSS in .223 that I've just started playing with as a varmint rifle. The rifle consistently extracts the fired case from the chamber but then fails to eject the case out of the ejection port. The fired case ends up lying on top of the next round in the...
  8. RidgeRebel

    Gunsmithing DPMS 308 gas issues?

    Somebody posted a similar post on the rifle forum but I have the same issue. I was out shooting my DPMS 308 LR today it is an 18in barrel. I've shot less than 100 rounds through it and I bought it new. It has shot great until today. I shot about 10 rounds and then it started short stroking and...
  9. mattmcg

    Issues running H4831SC with 243 Win DTACs?

    I've got a ton of H4831SC powder that I've been using for my 260 Remington but have added a 243 Win rifle to the mix. I see on Hodgdon's website that H4831SC can be used with this but the volumes are quite a bit more than H4350 and others. Are there any issues with running this powder with 115...
  10. N

    Gunsmithing Bushmaster 16" Upper: Bolt & round issues

    Hey guys, I know I'm new here... a buddy of mine suggested I throw out this problem here: I'll try to be as verbose as possible. I'm new to most of this and trying to learn quickly. Here is my problem: I just bought a brand new Bushmaster 16" upper. The lower is a Sabre Defense receiver with...
  11. Ryan797

    Gunsmithing Ejection issues ar 15

    after buying a new "flattop" upper for my AR i have found that it refuses to eject. i walked up to my back stop and safely fired a round while looking to see if the bolt would go back and it did not, so i had went on to empty the clip pulling the charging handle back each time. any ideas on what...
  12. mark5pt56

    700 feed issues

    I was shooting my new 700P today and once in a while the bolt would ride over the rounds in the mag. They were loaded properly, down, level and back. Is it possible that something isn't cut right in the receiver? Mark
  13. M

    Chargemaster having issues

    I have been loading and realized my loads have super high standard deviations. A friend of mine says to quit using an electronic scale and to through the charges and trickle to the correct load every time. How accurate/repeatable have you found your scale to be?
  14. eddy

    Gunsmithing M4 failure to extract issues

    ok so my armorer doesnt have an answer to this, so im gonna lay it out on here. me and a couple of the other guys in my company are having issues with failure to extract the fired cartridge and then the next round double feeds. so after dropping the mag and fingering out the unfired round, i...

    rangefinder issues

    Anyone having problems with their rangefinders locking up or reading low battery?
  16. diggler1833

    RCBS .223 die issues, any input?

    While I was loading some 68gr Hornady BTHPs yesterday I noticed that every bullet had an indentation ring on the ogive about 1/3 of the way from the meplat. Did I do something wrong with setting up the die? I did set up the die like the instructions said with turning it all the way down on an...
  17. S

    Rifle Scopes SS focus issues

    I have an older 16x SS. It seems like I'm having issues with the focus (it's a rear focus). Out past 200 or so I can get the target focused but the reticle is almost impossible to make out OR I can get the reticle in focus and the target is very blurry. If I send it in does any of you know...
  18. thumper49802

    FGMM Fire Formed brass issues.

    Ok, heres the deal. I have some FGMM 308, that i fired through my M40A3. Now im reloading them, for use in the same rifle. Im using 175 SMK's. Now here is the problem. I loaded 20 rounds, i have 9 rounds that will chamber nicely, the others will bind up, not lock in, or just plain not let the...
  19. softcock

    Gunsmithing Got '100% 0n' - bolt-Rem Whisper feed issues

    Hey just got 100% reliable feeding with my whisper Boltaction, ' using' ( factory Internal and factory spring & follower ) .223 bolt - Rem. 700 receiver as platform for my 30-221/whisper. Was always haveing a problem getting 100% reliable feeding with those FAT .30 cal. 240 grn...
  20. M

    Range Report Bullet drift issues??

    Has anyone had any experience with bullets drift when there is literally no wind?? I have been slowly developing drop data for my Dept. rifle (Rem 700P) over the last year. I have shot in 50 yard increments out to 1000 yards with a 100 yard zero. My drop data for 400 yards is 8.0 moa up. I...