1. A

    Photos Remington .223 LTR

    Little shooter, tuned action , jewell trigger, 4.5x14 leupold, NF 20moa base.Dura coat paint job
  2. Savage_Jake

    Rifle Scopes New Glass For The LTR

    Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40 mil-dot...cant wait to get it zeroed.
  3. phessor

    Remington LTR stock ???

    I am currently deployed and I am looking to replace the stock on my Remington LTR. Does anyone know what the LOP is? Thank you, Phessor
  4. J

    Remington 700 ltr

    I currently own a Remington Model 700 ltr chambered in .223. Its stock its mounted with a Cabellas Outfitter series 6-20 x 40 scope and a harris bipod. I kind of inherited the rifle from my dad who had pipe dreams of using it for a bench rest rifle. I on the other hand would like to set it up...
  5. C

    Wanted: opinions of Rem. LTR rifles

    I'm curious as to what all the "experts" on the hide think of the Rem. LTR? Mine is a .308 and it will shoot sub moa at 100 yards when I do my part! That was with a Springfield Armory 4-14x56 on it. I traded that scope off and bought a NF 3.5-15x50 np-r2 which I have yet to mount on it. I know...
  6. C

    Cost of LTR's?

    What is going on here? I'm looking to get back into the long range game and a bit of re-loading and would like to pick up an LTR. When I sold my last rifle built up by R&D LTR's were six-seven hundred dollars, now I see used ones going for 800? What exactly happened? The economy? I'm a little...
  7. ncyotecaller

    Remington LTR or 5R

    If given the choice in .223 which one would be the better choice?
  8. R

    LTR and PSS stock

    I was just curious if there is any difference between a PSS and an LTR remington stock. I know they are both H.S. precision, just never seen them side by side.
  9. M

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 LTR extractor problem

    Hey everyone, I have a remington 700 LTR and I am having problems closing the bolt when I chamber a new round. The back end of the bullet is torn up from the extractor, so I assume it is a problem with the bolt/extractor. Has anyone had this problem before and how did you fix it? Thank you...
  10. D

    Remington 700 LTR VS Tikka T3 Tactical

    Struggling with a decision i need to make. There is a $500 difference between the two. Cant really seem to make my mind up. The tikka you seem to get more options...det mag, threaded barrel,etc... Want to go with the tikka but cant seem to pull the trigger on one or the other. Could someone...
  11. LSOSGT1109

    Reloading for my LTR?

    What OAL are you .308 LTR shooters using the most? I've been loading at 2.74 + or - .002 for mine. Accuracy has been pretty good but it could use some fine tuning. I read somewhere that factory Remingtons have a long throat so I was wondering what you guys are doing. My load is: 175 SMK moly...
  12. glock10mmman

    Hooper LE Supply is the man......Got my LTR back

    Yepper. Finally got the LTR back yesterday evening. I dont have a scope, or rings yet to throw on it, so I havent got to shoot it yet. Got the following done: Badger Tactical Bolt Knob Badger Thruster break Bedded action I need to paint the break, but man this thing is sweet. Hooper does...
  13. normbal

    Photos C-Mag 223 LTR

  14. B

    Gunsmithing LTR barrel not centered in stock?

    Hi, new guy here, Just picked up a Rem LTR this morning and I noticed that although the barrel is floated, it's not centered in the HS stock. It's not the first time I've seen that on factory rifles but there's quite a gap on the right side. I pulled the action for inspection and didn't see...
  15. raising_arizona

    Rifle Scopes Mounting Badger rail on 700 LTR

    I went through Badger's online instructions, and just want to verify: <ul style="list-style-type: disc">Clean base and top of 700 receiver (and screw holes) with solvent (is 90% Isopropyl alcohol OK?)Put red loctite on bottom of baseMount rail on receiver, check that all screws don't bottom...
  16. LSOSGT1109

    Stock options for Remington LTR?

    I'm wanting to see some different stock options for an LTR. The factory stock is a little small for me and I'm not sure what other options to look at. I've seen some pics on here before of LTR's in different stocks but I couldn't find them when I searched. What are some of you guys running...
  17. T

    Rem LTR Question?

    Does the stock on the newer ones have the grooves along the upper forearm like on the new model R5's and VSSFs? Or are they still the same as before? Tom
  18. Santiago Rodriguez

    Rem 700 LTR .308

    What is the maximum distance for a 308 LTR 20" barrel. Is 1000 yards reality with reloads? What is the maximum distance with this rifle. If anyone has one please post the distance of your longest accurate shots. I have a 700LTR .308 with Detachble Magazine. Has anyone had a problem with these...
  19. sandmann


    Guys how many rounds can this tube take before she is shot out? I know it depends on how hot the loads were but lets say on avarage i may be looking at a trade for my 10fp, that has only 25 rounds through her. Thanks Sandmann
  20. 03psd

    LH LTR USO: Showing off

    Sorry guys just have to show off my stick with the new glassware, thanks to Arcticlight. Started life as left handed .308 VSF, rebarreled with a 20" 1:12 LTR tube. Wore a VXIII 6.5-20x50 for a long while but now sporting USO SN6 with Badger 20moa base. Now all I need is a LH AICS 2.0 Range...