1. T

    Cheytac bipod setup on straight round tube forearm

    Hey, I've had alot of interest in straight tube bipod cuff layouts. Here's a photo of the potential on the M400 semi-auto 408 rifle (doesn't exist anymore). Am considering a smaller and lighter version made of other than steel materials. If anyone is interested, post your comments please or...
  2. NY700

    Gunsmithing live round stuck in chamber

    I have a S&W M&P 9mm. I have reliable fed 800 rounds through it. both handloads and factory rounds. for the second time in the last 200 rounds i have a handload stuck in the chamber and the slide is stuck and i can not unchamber the round. I do not want to discharge the round for fear it may...
  3. R

    Rifle Scopes Mildots (Football Vs Round Discussion

    Why are football shaped Mildots disappearing on new scopes? Is it because of the glass etched vs. wire reticles? Ease of use? Is one type better than another? Why?
  4. flyboy

    Suppressors 23 round 12ga

    This is way to bad ass and from what I understand can be added onto any shotty that accepts extention tubs.
  5. MrSwede

    Need help with stray round

    Hi guys, I've loaded up some 125grs Nosler Ballistic Tips to use on deer this season. I'm using a Rem 700 VSF with a Zeiss Conquest 4,5-14x50. Now, with all other ammunition I have used to date this gun has no change in POI from cold bore and onwards. Nato, 155 Scenar, 155 Custom...
  6. M

    GA Perfection .. Round 2 !

    Nelly arrived home today! She's a keeper although still blind..LOL Just waiting for the MST! Thanks to JasonK, George and crew, USO, and Gary Schneider and.. The USMC for all they do !
  7. bbsj

    Hunting & Fishing Varmit Round

    Any ideas on what cal. to get for varmits, yotes, bobcats, etc, but big enough for backup deer gun. I am looking for very accurate cal. up to 300-400 yards for varmits only maybe 200 or deer. Looking at 223, 243WSM, 25WSM, 243, 25-06 and 22-250 any thoughts. Thanks
  8. S

    Breaching Round Question

    A question for those of you experienced with Breaching Rounds. I purchased a few boxes and they say don't shoot unless your bore/choke measures at least .727 inches. I measured my M1 Super90 with the improved cyclinder at .717 and the skeet choke at .735 inches. My question is, I am really in...
  9. Seuss

    Range Report Surgeon round action 260 Rem range report

    Guys, Will try to keep this short. Got the Surgeon round action in the group buy, had a 6.5 Krieger I won and a Rock from the group buy. Had the gun built locally by Clarence Hammonds, shot the May Reade match w the Rock + my Shark can using 100 yard data from one range trip, was 4th after day...
  10. N

    Gunsmithing Bushmaster 16" Upper: Bolt & round issues

    Hey guys, I know I'm new here... a buddy of mine suggested I throw out this problem here: I'll try to be as verbose as possible. I'm new to most of this and trying to learn quickly. Here is my problem: I just bought a brand new Bushmaster 16" upper. The lower is a Sabre Defense receiver with...
  11. Steelhead

    6mm a viable "sniper" round?

    Maybe this has been discussed already, but I could not find anything on it. I've been thinking about having one of these new 6mm's built and then I got to thinking about whether or not they would make a viable "sniper" round. And by that I mean that they would do everything that a .308 is...
  12. J

    One 408 round on gunbroker....70$ Yeah right....... and a 30 dollar case!
  13. J

    Gunsmithing Removing a live round from chamber when extractor

    Got a live round stuck in my 40-x chamber and the rim is partially torn off. Any ideas on getting it out. The brass rod method forced the bullet into the case. Any help out there?????
  14. USMCj

    Problem with Surgeon Round action bolt timing?

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  15. M

    Mag Pouch for AICS 5 round, AI AW and AI AWSM mags

    The post seems to have disappeared about the mag pouches for the 5 round AICS magazines, 10 round AW magazines and the AWM/AWSM magazines. Is anyone currently making mag pouches for these magazines or are there some in the works? I believe Triad was working on some and waiting for a batch from...
  16. sfikes2

    Movie Theater dumb ass gets a round through a vest....
  17. T

    50 cal bmg, M14, G3, Galil, AK-47, 100 Round Drum here's more 50 cal shooting and other great assault rifles!
  18. R

    The Better Round

    I have read a lot about .308 as the superior long range round. My question is what about a 30-06. Obviously it is a larger more powerful, but what keeps it from joining .308's rank?
  19. Nocalphoenix

    Surgeon round inlet question

    Guys, My action is at the smith for the barrel and I have a BC light tactical sitting on the desk. Im still a couple of weeks out but wanted to start on the paint for the stock (Im using air cure cerakote and want the full five days between colors) How much of an inlet do I need off the top of...
  20. rickp

    Range Report .260 round and competition.

    Hey guys, This topic has come up a few times and I'm curious to say the least. The topic is this caliber and how its better suited to shoot out to 1000y in competition. Why is the .260 better than the .308 in this aspect? I mean it's a smaller round and lighter, so why better. Thanks. R.