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  1. Surgeon_Shooter

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    How long is the wait time on a form 4 to date? Post how long you have been waiting or how long you recently waited before it was completed and sighned. JAY
  2. HillbillyfromAL

    Photos First Time at the Range with My M1A

    I haven't been able to shoot since about December of 07 with any rifles, I had to have back surgery. I was kinda surprised at how shitty I did, but hey I guess that's just more of an excuse to get out more often. The wind's weren't bad 5-10 and gusty, so yes those flyers are my fault. The one I...
  3. kujo1016

    Rifle Scopes First time post: What would be the best optic?

    Just got a new Rem 700 SPS tact. .308, and i was wondering if anyone had any experience with them and which optics they would recommend. Im looking in the $300-600 range, as i would be buying a leupold mk4 if i could afford it! I apologize for this most likely 'typical question from a "noob"'...
  4. D

    OK Now I'm a Quader and It's time to buy a barrel

    I'm going to put a Lilja barrel in the first Quad I mod. I've contacted Dan Stith about his stocks and ordered some bits from Rimfire Tecnologies. I need a 22LR barrel and found that Whittaker Guns only has factory lite barrels. Does any other companies carry the Lilja barrels as a stocked...
  5. mavrick10_2000

    Time out errors

    I'm getting timeouts and lags galore since the upgrade. The shoutbox as well "Sending..." and never sends my message. I verified with a few others today. They are getting the same slowness.
  6. O

    Took her to the range for the first time today

    First time shooting my new rifle at the range today. After getting it bore sighted and adjusting the scope I shot 3 consecutive shots.
  7. gorhamlit

    Photos first time at 500-2nd day of class

    I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to accomplish this on my own- Sniper's Hide Online Training, Creekside Sniper/Precision Rifle Course- Two Thumbs up!
  8. GardDog

    Maggie’s Test your reaction time

    Bullet Time
  9. Twisted

    My trigger time fix for at home....

    Just for when its too late to make it to the mountains or range with the big gun I built this little target stand at work out of PVC. Came home and welded a small plate on it and went to town.
  10. fordsoldier

    1st time out with new rifle.

    This one is for the pro's. Went to the range today with my new remmy 700 in 308. Made some handloads up. using 43.0g, 43.5, 44.0, 44.5 of varget. 175SMK laupa brass and Fed 210m Primers. My 43g were reading on my chronograph 2900FPS. Something is not right. Any help would be great. I am...
  11. hue001t

    Suppressors 9mm first time

    well this week was the first time Ive shot a handgun. I'm in USMC so it was a Beretta 9mm and i enjoyed it quite a bit! i shot ok i guess i shot sharp shooter but also feel a lot more comfortable handling a handgun so it was all around good!
  12. I

    Good time at CVT w/ Vern

    Had a great time with Vern this past w-e. Conditions were constantly changing. Improved spotter/shooter communications combined with technique and equipment adjustments netted me improvement over previous outings. Gear: TRG-22, S&B, and M118LR all bought from Hide classifieds...
  13. M

    Range Report Finally got a little range time with the 260

    I took my tactical rifle rifle out today an shot some impressive(to me anyway) groups with it. I used Reloader 22 which isnt in the Sierra loading manual and I also used VVN560 which isnt in the manual either but both powders shot great. I tried some 120 grain Hornady Amax with CCI BR 2 primers...
  14. M

    Anybody have the OBT (Optimal Barrel Time) Matrix?

    I lost it when my old computer crashed. Looked for LTR David's website, as it was a source before. David's site seems to be offline now. Thanks, Shane
  15. GasLight

    My First Time: Tactics, VLTOR, PRS, Ergo.... PICS

    OK, this is the first time I have assembled an AR, so I thought I would post a couple pics to show what I got. The specs are: Tactics SH lower VLTOR MUR upper Mil-spec 11.5 bbl w/A2 sight and standard carbine handguard (YAWN) - will be replaced with a 6.5DD barrel and free float tube when I...
  16. G

    Hunting & Fishing Wrong Place - Wrong Time

    Caught this one sunning himself on a rock as I was driving home from the range. I had just finished shooting one of Lowlight's Practical Tactical targets, so this fellow was easy money at almost exactly 100 yards.
  17. jamie

    Rem MSR time line?

    http://www.remingtonmilitary.com/msr.htm#MSRfeatures when will these be ready ? and has anyone had a chance to shoot one?
  18. Target In Sight

    Long time student, first time post!

    Hi All, Been a loyal student and learning from this site for a long time. Learned so much from everyone, and love the community here on the hide. New to LR shooting and did not want to spend too much $$ on the first LR rifle (hate to waste the barrel life on my pathetic shooting skill). I...
  19. G

    Maggie’s Tony Awards - Nothing But a Good Time

    BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2dA-AL90_RE"></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/2dA-AL90_RE" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
  20. A

    Photos First time out with the 5R

    Shoots like a dream. Zeroed the scope at 100 yards, and she was hitting the steel targets on the first or second shot at 200, 400, and 600 yards based on a standard pre-fab DOPE card. Very pleased with the rifle and the optics. Remington 700 5R Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 McMillan A5 Parker Hale...