1. Every Day Gun Guy

    Ammo Price Drop! $329.99 Wolf 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 122 Grain, 1,000 Rounds!!!

    CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR CASE OF Wolf 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 122 Grain www.everydaygunguy.com POPULAR BRANDS THAT WE OFFER... PLUS MANY MORE @ EVERY DAY GUN GUY!!! Anderson FN Lancer Sig Sauer Armscor Franklin Armory Magpul Smith & Wesson Beretta Glock Maverick Arms Springfield...
  2. KNIGHT11B4

    Need help finding primers...

    Normally I wouldnt post this, I would just check everyday until I found some but I am on a tight timeline. If anyone knows of any Tula or Wolf brand, Large Rifle Magnum Primers please let me know. If they can be ordered or are within driving distance I will jump on them. Thanks all!
  3. S

    Savage MkII won't extract Wolf Ammo. Suggestions?

    Took my son out today to fire his new Savage MkII after mounting it in the SSS stock. Every type of ammo we tried ejected flawlessly except for the Wolf Match Target and Wolf Match Extra . Each and every Wolf round had to be manually extracted with a pocket knife. The shame is that if it was...
  4. Seuss

    BC for Wolf Match Target?

    Anyone? Thanks.
  5. Supersubes

    Hangfire problems- RE15 and wolf primers?

    I was testing loads today for a 6.5X47 Lapua. I just received some Wolf small rifle magnum primers and a new lot of Re15. I have never used wolf primers which seem to be highly regarded here. I figured i would test them out at the same time I tested the new Re15. Every few rounds I would have...
  6. M


    Has any one used on 338LM?
  7. N

    Dumping Win - Wolf primers in stock anywhere?

    I'm phucking fed up with Winchester primers piercing and scorching my firing pin, even on mild loads I get a random pierce. Switching to Wolf SR Magnums. Does anyone know of anywhere that has them in stock right now? I'll have about 800 WSR primers available as soon as I can get me some...
  8. montyb

    Hunting & Fishing Montana Wolf tags go on sale Aug. 31

    good news in my AO: Thursday, July 23, 2009 Hunting Montana’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks will offer licenses for sale beginning Aug. 31 for the state’s first regulated wolf hunting season. In July, officials set the statewide harvest quota at 75 wolves for hunting seasons that are set to open...
  9. S

    Primers at Powder Valley Wolf all sizes

  10. O

    Wolf Primers in Stock at Widener's

    According to their website they have all wolf small rifle, small rifle mag, large rifle, and large rifle mag primers in stock. They received a shipment on the 14th. I ordered 4k small magnums yesterday and got a confirmation email so they should be on the way. Just wanted to let everybody know...
  11. ltfirehunter

    Difference in Wolf match ammo

    Has anyone seen major diffence in accuracy between the Wolf match and Wolf match extra?
  12. TBass

    Wolf Primers

    Due to the primer shortage, I took advantage of buying the first larger rifle primer that I could get my hands on which was 5000 Wolf Primers. Previously I was shooting the Federal match primers in my 260Rem shooting 43 grains of IMR 4350… at a velocity close to 2800 fps at my elevation...
  13. Y

    Wolf primers at Widener's reloading

    I just checked & Widener's Reloading and Shooting has all primers...WOLF MFG....in inventory.
  14. LoneWolfUSMC

    Yay, 500rnds of Wolf MT on the way!!!

    I managed to snag a box from Midway USA on my last order. So now I have some known accurate ammo on the way for my Savage and I don't feel like I got bent over for it. I wish I could have ordered more, but I needed to get some components for the .308 and a bipod for the Savage. Since...
  15. YAOG

    Wolf MT in stock at Midway no limit! (NT)

    No text.
  16. A

    Weighed some Wolf Match Target .22 ammo

    So it turns out my 10/22 with a Whistle Pig barrel really seems to like Wolf Match Target (I'm too cheap for Match Extra). Groups out to 100 yards were within an inch and an odd flyer or two. In my neurotic obsession to polish a turd, I decided to go with the free approach to increase...
  17. R

    Wolf MT from sportsmans guide

    Purchased 1k rounds from them, good price but........ all the boxes came loose and 6 mixed lots codes. I shoot these at ARA100 hope they shoot somewhat alike. Be careful when you order from them rb
  18. RobG

    Wolf primers at Wideners

    Wideners has Wolf primers. Get em while there hot!
  19. USMCj

    Champion Shooters Supply is out of Wolf MT ammo

    Just thought you guys might want to know. They did say that they are expecting more in a week or two.
  20. Suasponte

    Range Report 223 - IMR4064, Wolf Primer, 60gr Vmax

    Got to the range yesterday to put some more test loads thru the rifle! The first load was 23.5gr of IMR4064 in Lake City brass with Wolf Primers and topped off with a Hornady 60gr Vmax. The second load was ditto except for the powder charge was increased to 24.8gr. Happy with both loads, hard...