1. R

    Fieldcraft Does a TMR reticle work with a MILDOT MASTER?

    I was using my TMR reticle scope to range a garage door of a house. Now I've laser-ranged that garage door and it's right at 723 yards. But when I use the TMR reticle AND my mildot master calculator, I get a range of about 800 yards. Now I've looked on the internet and it says that most...
  2. Jered Joplin

    Gunsmithing Putt'n the wife to work

    Just thought you guys might want some help getting the wife going. I snapped a shot of Kayla running some parts on the CNC still in her scrubs from work at the hospital. That's how you get'r done boys. Maybe I can teach her to build guns. Then we'll really be on to something. Nobody will...
  3. B

    Will a 168g .338 bullet work in a 1:9.3 barrel?

    I found some .338 AP Solids that are 168g. I have read where too fast a twist can rip a bullet apart. In this case, with the majority of the bullet being a brass solid, I would imagine there is no jacket to rip apart. They are designed to shoot at 3600 FPS, but they have been testing them in...
  4. beenjammin

    Gunsmithing Best T handle torque wrench for rifle work

    Looking for a good adjustble t handle torque wrench to use for mounting bases, rings for optics etc. Can you guys recommend a good one/
  5. Down Under Hunter

    TAC 50- What other bipods work ?? Help

    Did some shooting with a 50 at the weekend. Love the rifle but the ergonomics of firing this gun are quite poor. The std bipod I feel is far to high off the dirt to shoot well prone and the gun is very top heavy and wants to rock and roll with the basic split pin holding the bipod. What...
  6. bhoges

    Suppressors 1st Gen Glcok 17 tips on grip work?

    I just got an awesome deal on a Glock 17. I put new sights on,3.5 disconnect,ext mag and slide release and coated the slide. I shot it today for the 1st time and I hate it. The pistol is difficult to hold due to the lack on finger groves. Granted I was using dept ammo plus P so it was hot loads...
  7. mavrick10_2000

    New Manners T4A with some GAP work

    Just got it in and torqued up. Manner's T4A, GAP Bolt Stop & Pillar bedded with skim coat. I installed the Huber varmint weight two-stage trigger. Rem 700 SPS-V in .308. Off to the range this afternoon.
  8. A

    Maggie’s Get More Done at Work

    Warfare 1917 and, recently added Warfare 1944
  9. BgBmBoo


    Ok...can someone enlighten me on what brands of dies (other then RCBS of coarse) will work in a RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme? Will Redding, Hornady,etc., work in the RCer? Thanks,Stan
  10. lone_soldier

    Range Report 7mm STW for long range work

    hey guys, well been kickin around the idea of turning my STW into a long range rig. i have a .308 and shoot it out to 800 yrds. but want something to shoot 1000 plus with a little more stank on it without having to buy another rifle. i have a model 70 7mm STW that i use for hunting mainly...
  11. beenjammin

    remy 40x 22lr work

    finally found a 40x 22lr with the m700 style knob. Has anyone sent one of these off to GA or Patriot to have them trued up or the sort? I ws thinking of having my heavybarrel fluted also. its needs to be threaded anyhow. any thoughts?
  12. B

    Do Weaver top mounts work on your RF tech rail?

    Hi The way I understand it Weaver style mounts are supposed to work on Pic rails. I've tried 4 Weaver top mounts on my CZ 452 and there is no way they are going to get tight on this rail. Their see-throughs will since they are split and will pull in tight. After looking at Weaver's catalog, it...
  13. M

    Advanced Marksmanship Can't get my sitting position to work

    I have been shooting sitting with a sling. When i cross my ankles I can't get the elevation high enough to bring the gun on the target. I end up with NPA well below the target array. I have slid my legs like scissors to the point I am almost ankle on ankle and still can't get it. The back of...
  14. D

    Ciener .22lr Kit work in a Gas Piston Upper?

    Anyone know if a Ciener kit or the Spike's Tactical version of this kit can be used in a gas piston .223 upper? I know the .22 is a pretty dirty round to fire. Does using one of these kits get the really nasty fouling coated into the gas tube of a direct inpingement AR? Does the Spike's...
  15. T

    Gunsmithing A good way to clean and work on actions - Vise It

    I often find that instead of using a gun stand, it's easier to just vise the barrel for cleaning or tweaking the action. Here's a pic of my bench.
  16. B

    Gunsmithing Rapid-Set Marine-Tex for stock work?

    Has anyone used the Rapid-Set Marine-Tex for stock work? It only comes in the two tube "2oz grey" package. It is a one to one mix ratio and only has a listed five minute working time and one hour curing time. I am wonderign about its strength. The standard Marine-Tex has listed...
  17. Kasumi

    trigger work on/541X

    I've been shooting a new Remington 541X, the trigger pull must be around 7-8 lbs. There is no adjustment, I've read that stoning the trigger yields very little results. Anyone have a solution to get the trigger pull closer to 2-3 lbs. I think Remington will install a new adjustable trigger...
  18. P

    load work up

    been reloading for years but, new to precision loads. my question is this. is velocity accuracy? i have seen a wide range of max velocities for .308. will a slower bullet be more accurate at 300 yards and fall to the ground at 1000? i would like to work up 1 load that works out to 1000 with 175...
  19. M

    Win 70/FN action work?

    With all of the CDNN FN actions that were sold, I was wondering who everyone is using for a gunsmith?
  20. Am180man

    Will a DPMS 308 carrier assembly work in an AR-10?

    I was told that the bolt carrier assembly for DPMS' 308 will work in an Armalite AR-10. Is this correct? What about Knights SR-25 carrier assembly....will that work int he Armalite as well? Steve