1. 95LTZ

    Range Report My Best 1000 yard group

    I was able to shoot in a 1,000 yard match at Graben Farms, Ga on Saturday. As one gets older not too much really gets us excited anymore. While the group was not shot in the match I did shoot it while sighting in. Conditions were perfect. It was shot with a Tubb SpecTacLR, 25.5" 1:7.5 twist...
  2. rcnpthfndr

    Hunting & Fishing Trail cam pictures from the yard * added video*

    The other trail cam threads inspired me to try one out. Here’s some pictures from the last couple of day. The next couple of days we are going to try the video feature out. I do see the need for a faster recovery time between pictures, i guess its time to upgrade already.
  3. A

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 8-30-09 Results and Pics

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 8-30-09 at DESERT MARKSMAN RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB near Palmdale ca. This will be a prone paper match at 1000 yards Bring 50 rounds 20 shots for record + sighters. If the weather is scorchen hot we may drop back to the 600 yard line. This is an individual match with 3...
  4. Mgordon

    Fieldcraft Getting ready to build a new 100-1200 yard range.

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to get a 100 yard to 1200 yard range set up on our farm. So far no dirt has been moved and I'm in the planning stages. I'm open to any ideas and constructive criticism. Here is the idea. I have a field roughly 1200 yards long running North and South on our farm in...
  5. R

    Does anyone know of 1500 -2000 yard shooting range

    Looking for a rifle range, any help would be appreciated.
  6. shooter308

    308 LOADS - for 100 yard best load *DONT BE SCARED

    WhAT IS THE BEST HANDLOAD LEGALLY HERE!!!!! THROUGH THE BOOKS!!! OR CLOSE TO THEM For a 308 100 yd match. come on now tell bullet and maker, OAL, powder AND WEIGHT, and primer and brasss. any any other DANG secrets for 100 yard one holers with 1x12 twist bbl. Just for those who are...
  7. K

    Kimber Advanced Tactical 300WM, Taken to 200 yard

    So in an earlier post I posted pics of a Kimber Advanced Tactical 300WM, Wife sent them to me in Iraq> posted em here. Well when I got home mounted up a scope and had some Federal Gold medal match ammo waiting for it. Cleaning it up I found Kimpro in the muzzle end of the bore. I scrubbed...
  8. The Mechanic

    Lee Rasmussen's New world record 5 shot 1000 yard

    This weekend at an FCSA event Lee Rasmussen set a new .50 record at 1,000 yards with a 5 shot group 1.95 inches. That is between .1 and .2 MOA with a 5 shot group! Congrats Lee
  9. JoeMartin

    200 Yard Shooting - A21 -vs- TQ4 Target?

    For those of us (and those who will) that are shooting 200 yards on the A21 Target (or smaller metal targets such as a 6x8 inch gong like I shoot at),,, I'm wondering if the A21 Target is even needed once a person works out their Dope for 200 yard .22LR shooting? It seems to me that the 100...
  10. JoeMartin

    July '09 - 100 & 200 Yard Internet Rimfire Matche

    Ok, here we go with our monthly rimfire match for July. Good luck everyone! Same rules apply; Rules 100 Yard & 200 Yard - .22LR Rimfire 30 Shot Match Rules; 1. It is open to all Forum members. 2. We will use the A21 Target for the 200 Yard Match, and the TQ-4 Target for the 100 Yard Match...
  11. M

    1000 yard + load for .30-06

    I just finished building a .30-06 and want to stretch its legs. What loads are people using to get this past 1K?
  12. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 7/12/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold"> <span style="font-style: italic"> <span style="color: #3366FF"> <span style="font-size: 14pt">I had a great time at the last match,met a few new members from the hide.Mark Cohen runs his matches like clockwork,started at 9:00 everyone fired 3 relays,done by...
  13. C

    Photos 100 yard 5 shot groups from Nemesis Arms .308

    Finally after break in Im able to get shooting! 100 yards light breeze. Nemesis Arms .308 with Nightforce 5.5x22x56 scope Only second time out with the rifle, I feel after a few more trip to the range, this rifle will be a tack driver extreemo!
  14. SAS_Sniper

    1000 yard whit .308 win

    Hi guy, i'm looking a cartridge for 1000 yard with my .308 win. I think to use hornady a max or sierra match king...How much powder i must use?? i use Vithavuori n140 or n135. Thanks and sorry for my not perfect english. If you have other reccomendations ,i'm very glad to receive it!!
  15. Strangedays

    1000 plus yard places to shoot in North Idaho?

    Is there any ranges that have targets out to 1000 yards? Any info would be great! Thanks ahead of time.
  16. T

    Photos my 200 yard rimfire target

    less black area for better focus
  17. JoeMartin

    June '09 Internet 100 & 200 Yard Rimfire Matches

    Ok, here we go again with our monthly rimfire match for June. Good luck everyone! Same rules apply; Rules 100 Yard & 200 Yard - .22LR Rimfire 30 Shot Match Rules; 1. It is open to all Forum members. 2. We will use the A21 Target for the 200 Yard Match, and the TQ-4 Target for the 100 Yard...
  18. ptaylor

    Photos 1000 yard group

    300wsm with 208 amax running 2888.
  19. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 6/14/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Match Date: 06/14/09 time 09:00am Location: Cumberland Rifleman Millville ,NJ Gates open around 7:30 am,squadding starts at 8:00-08:45am Match: is NRA Approved 600agg (F-O)/(F-T/R)Rules 22.3/3a apply</span> <span style="text-decoration: underline">Coarse of...
  20. JoeMartin

    My New .22LR - 200 Yard Target

    I didn't get to the range today so I decided to make a new 200 yard .22LR target. Nothing fancy, it has a 4" center, and the rings are 1/2", making the target 7" dia. I can run these targets off at home on my copier, and I wanted a heavy "cross hair" in the center of my target for aiming...