1. J

    Rem 40x - Add a Rail Macmillan A5

    Bought a very nice custom 40x in Macmillan A5 stock. I prefer an atlas bipod over bench rest, so I need to add a locating rail. Stock has a flush cup and swivel stud on 3” spacing. Any recommendations to add a rail using existing holes? I’d prefer not to drill... Thanks in advance!
  2. D

    Rem 700/40x Aluminum Chassis - Can you ID this one?

    I have a friend with a Remington 40X in an aluminum chassis. I have never seen this specific chassis before. Anyone know who made this chassis and about how much it costs? Thanks, TDK
  3. D_TROS

    Rem 40X Repeater Conversion DONE!!

    First off, this is the original review of this rifle when I first purchased it. http://www.snipershide.com/shooting/showthread.php?t=76978 The rifle started life as this, a 40-XRBR: I put it in this: And now it resides in this...
  4. I

    Need some info on a Remington 40-X

    I inherited some rifles from my dad when he passed, and while most of them I'd used before when we'd go hunting, I know nothing about this one. So I just threw it in my gun safe when he died and totally forgot about it. Now with ammo so hard to find I've been going through my gun safe looking...
  5. F

    Rem 40X TDR

    What kind of stock is shown on this rifle in the 09 Rem catalog. It looks like a M40A1 style. They do not even show this rifle on the web site.
  6. S

    us model 40x 22lr

    What the going price on a rem 40x us model 22lr. I have a chance to buy one if i can come up with the cash. Its a nice rifle that has been beaded and has a rifle basix trigger that brakes around 14oz. is this common or was the beading done elsewhere? I hope i can come to an agreement with the...
  7. beenjammin

    40-XRBR KS compare to the older 40x

    I just saw a current remington custom shop 40-XRBR KS in 22lr and was curious as to how it relates to the older 40x 22lrs . Anyone have one? Also. Why was the sako finnfire range discontinued? It looks like such a sweet BR .22lr machine.
  8. tireys

    RRA 2 Stage Nat. match trigger vs. Rem 700 40X

    I went to the range today. I just mounted a Vortex optic in a Burris P.E.P.R. 1 piece mount and wanted to get it sighted in. All in All The rifle and scope performed well. The kicker was the trigger difference. I only took my RRA along so I could get what I needed to get done, done. I have been...
  9. M

    40x Photo's Only

    How about a 40x rimfire pics only thread? Maybe even turn it into a sticky? I'll start with my collection.
  10. D

    For you guys looking for a 40x repeater ...

    ....bring a big check book. I've never seen one myself but follow the link to what Big Green should be making. Donald (edit) Had to delet link. Not allowed here. Donald If you want to see a 1 of 12 custom Remington 40x repeater there's one on Gun Broker. It's all pimped out and ready to go...
  11. beenjammin

    my 40x just started.

    I changed the post.. felt stupid when no one else posted pics.. so ill just show my 22s I have been looking for pictures of 40x projects online, but so far, I cannot find any. I was thingking that since there is a .308 picture thread, and a AICs thread, and a gas/auto thread, we should make a...
  12. ltfirehunter

    40X trigger adjustment

    I have a 40X 22 rimfire and I am needing some assistance in the adjustment area. This trigger is the one with the adjustment screw in the trigger itself along with the 3 screws in the housing. Right now it has the pull of a 2 stage trigger, a little take up and then breaks clean. How do I adjust...
  13. kmussack

    My 40X is Finished

    I built a .22RF clone of my .308 rifle so I could practice with the .22RF indoors and at reduced ranges. At the top is my .308. I used a Remington 40X .22RF action to build the clone. Feel and balance is nearly identical. I decided to use a SS 10X on the .22RF because it allows for shooting...
  14. AlabamaShooter

    Sighted in the 40x today

    Finally got the 40x to the range this afternoon to get the scope dialed in. And I had the range all to myself on a pretty Alabama afternoon. Thanks again to Don in SC, this is one beautiful gun. Although I still need to pick up a Harris adapter for the Freeland rail in the stock, and another...
  15. beenjammin

    dressing up a 40x

    Guys I just picked up the sweetest looking 40x in 22lr. It looks new. I coould not belive it. Ill post pics. I wanted to know what kinda of elevation to get in a base for 22lr. As i hear out to 200 is like shooting a .308 at 1000. Which would mean, i would need some elevation machined into the...
  16. beenjammin

    remy 40x 22lr work

    finally found a 40x 22lr with the m700 style knob. Has anyone sent one of these off to GA or Patriot to have them trued up or the sort? I ws thinking of having my heavybarrel fluted also. its needs to be threaded anyhow. any thoughts?
  17. AlabamaShooter

    40x question

    Does anyone know when or if the CMP is going to release any .22LR 40x barreled actions? I heard someone mention this at a recent gunshow a month or two ago.
  18. M

    Gunsmithing Value of a 40X old school trigger assembly

    I have an old school 40X trigger that I got for the tall safety to put on a M40 clone. Found the correct safety catch elsewhere so I have the complete trigger assembly left over. Figured that I would use it someday but haven't in several years so thought that I would put it up for sale. That...
  19. M

    40x in 17HMR?

    I was wondering if anyone had done one yet and what the results were? Or for the money, would I be better off just buying an anschutz?
  20. S

    Whats the difference rem 40x????

    Whats the differences between a rem 40x and a rem 700? Lee