1. Pain92

    Firearms WTS/ WTT Remington 700P 308

    Remington 700P 26" 308 HS Precision Stock, Vortex HST 6-24x50 MRAD SFP(I have box and docs and everything from factory for scope), Vortex Precision Rings with Vortex Bubble Level, Harris Bipod Swivel 6-9", homemade cheek rest that can be removed by undoing the tape. Has less then 70rds of 168gr...
  2. ohiocop_aht

    Optics Nightforce 5.5-22x56 C237

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 MLR mil/mil illuminated with flip caps and Badger rings. Excellent condition. $1550
  3. P

    iPhone video through my Televue scope

    Took a trip to the range and brought along my Televue 76 and turned my little travel telescope into a spotter, which worked out perfectly. Thought I'd share a quick video of a couple shots at 637 yards taken with an iPhone held against the eyepiece. Trace is easily seen...
  4. J

    Remington 700P or Remington 700 SS 5R Milspec?

    After doing a lot of reading, I'm still confused as to which rifle I should get. I plan on shooting 168grain FGMM ammo. (I got a good deal on 1000 rounds) It seems that the 5R trumps the 700P with 175grain loads, but what about for 168grain loads?
  5. O

    Savage F/TR or Rem 700P

    I'm looking for a new toy to replace my 700P that is getting chanbered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Now don't get me wrong I love my 700P's, I have 4 and a 25-06 with a P stock. I'm hearing alot of good things about those Savages. I have never shot one or much less held one. Now here's my question. How do...
  6. W

    700p 300 win mag

    Last week Igot a new 700P 300 win mag . Today took it to the range (200 yards). Shooting 190 BHs kept them all in a 6" shootnsee at 100 but no grouping what so ever. At 200 it was all over the place still no grouping, just like buckshot . I checked action to stock , rings to base , scope to...
  7. C

    Remington 700p barrel change

    I was wondering if I should bother changing the barrel on my 700p. I have fired under 200rds through it and it fires .5moa all day long and have had some better grouping using handloads. Currently I use m118lr and FGMM 175 factory ammo through it. I like the idea of being able to clean it...
  8. Da-Law-Dawg

    Range Report Tuned 700P by LOSOK Custom Arms- range report

    Well guys, finally able to get you guys a range report. Sent a 700P to Mark Lammers of LOSOK Custom Arms to have her "tuned up" a bit last winter. Mark docked the factory tube to 20" and did a Badger FTE install for me as well. Set the shoulder and breech face back and gave her a match chamber...
  9. long range fire

    Photos Remington 700P .308 in AICS with Nikon Tactical

    This is Remington 700P .308 with LTR fluted 26" barrel, in AICS 1.0 black stock, Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44 scope, and Harris lightweight bipod.
  10. Sgt.Henry

    How Short for a 700P?

    I'm really not happy with my stock 700P and was thinking of Shortening the stock remington barrell, A local smith can cut & recrown for me and I was wondering what would be the best length? I'm a LEO and most of my shooting is done 300yds and in. I do alot of baricade shooting and I would like...
  11. rweldon

    700P identifying marks

    Does any 700P rifle have identifying marks on the receiver or barrel anywhere that say 700P or Police? Is the only thing to distinguish a 700P form a SPS varmit w/ 26" barrels just the different stocks?
  12. rweldon

    Do 700P triggers all come black w/ serrations/ribs

    Don't all 700P triggers, regardless of age, have the black ribbed or serrated finish. Do any of them have the new trigger that they put in Remington 700 SPS tacticals? And on the same note, are the old style 700P triggers better than the new SPS triggers? thanks
  13. Spanky88

    700P vs. SPS-V

    Ive decided to build a new .308 and have narrowed my choices down to two options. I am just looking for the opinions of my fellow shooters. I can get the 700P at my door for $900 including FFL transfer, shipping, etc. My other option is to take an SPS Varmint, strip the stock, and preferably put...
  14. sniper1

    Suppressed Remmy .308 700P

    Is anyone running subsonic ammo through their suppressed remmy 700P with factory barrel 1-12 rate? If so any problems? I have a cyclone on transfer for mine and am trying to decide what to do about the barrel. I still have the stock barrel, only 200rds through it, so I don't really want to...
  15. I

    5R vs 700P

    I have a friend looking to buy one of the two and is looking for input/differrences? Also seeking others personal opinions as well? He will be punching paper as well as hunting with it.
  16. hunterbeto

    REM 700P MLR 338LM

    dear friends, I tried to post in more <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">firearms for sale</span> </span>can not, sorry! <span style="font-weight: bold">I am interested in buying a REM700P MLR 338LM, anyone know where can I get one? and if you have any...
  17. Red_Dragon

    Remington 700P

    i was wondering what kind of accuracy i can get with a rem 700P LTR? i was wondering how good the shorter barrel is compared to the standard
  18. S

    Remmy 700P .223

    What is a 700PSS in .223 new worth these days? Was it ever made in a 20"?
  19. D

    Speer 50gr. TNT bullet and 700P ?

    Anyone use the 50gr TNT in a 1 in 12 twist 700p? Midway has them on sale cheep and might have to give them a try. My stash of Berg 52 and Nos 52's are low and I'm interested if you used these and how they did. All imput welcome. Donald
  20. 3

    Model 700P questions

    What is the differences between the new 700P's being currently produced and the older ones? Do the newer ones have the Jlock bolt and Xmark trigger?