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  1. KOOutdoors

    Range Report Cold bore shot help

    I have about an inch high cold bore shot.(barrel had about 20-30 shots threw it) Shots 2-4 are holding together good. I'm new to long range shooting. I'm curious if this is normal? How do I accommodate for this while hunting? Do I create two different ballistic programs? Any help would...
  2. Aimsmall55

    Range Report Best 10 shot group at 520 I'll ever get

    6.5 creedmor. 140 vld. 42.4 h4350. 2.140 to ogive. Ga Precision Crusaser .95" center to center at 520. I was in disbelief. Got to admit.... Really no wind to speak of
  3. SWFA

    Rifle Scopes SWFA-SS Tax Day Group Buy: 1-6, 5-20, and more!

    Officially starts April 15th but we're giving you a head start.
  4. flounderv2

    Your opinions on load dev and group results

    Ok so heres the deal. I went out yesterday doing load development with my 24" Rem 5R using Varget and the 175 SMK. Anyway, here are the results of my best groups. All groups where 4 shot groups (yeah I know, not five but with as scarce as reloading components are, I tried conserving a bit but...
  5. 95LTZ

    Range Report My Best 1000 yard group

    I was able to shoot in a 1,000 yard match at Graben Farms, Ga on Saturday. As one gets older not too much really gets us excited anymore. While the group was not shot in the match I did shoot it while sighting in. Conditions were perfect. It was shot with a Tubb SpecTacLR, 25.5" 1:7.5 twist...
  6. Lineman711

    Just shot my best rimfire group ever.

    Got bored today, wasn't seeing any groundhogs. Stepped out from the truck 50 steps, stuck a Shoot-N-See target on a box and shot 5 shots from my new CZ 452 Varmint. First 5 were a little to the right, moved the scope an inch left covered that group and fired 5 more. Best group I've ever shot...
  7. GasLight

    .375 .408 Bertram brass group buy

    I am looking into interest in a group buy on the Bertram .375 and .408 CheyTac brass, if you have interest check my post in the Group Buy Section or send me an email. Dave http://snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1272944#Post1272944
  8. RollingThunder51


    Taken over a week ago, here are some shots of the final assembly of the SH group buy Nemesis rifles. All but three (3) have been collected/delivered, a total of 16 rifles in all. Just about evey option was selected on various rifles. Most went out with both case and backpack. I've asked for...
  9. B

    bad group with H335

    I loaded up some hornady 68gr BTHP bullets with 23.5gr of H335 for my AR. The groups were really bad, I had to try some m193 just to make sure it wasn't me. Should I drop the load down a bit or change powder? I got around 2820fps with the H335.
  10. gorhamlit

    Photos current group

    delete my image I didn't know there was a standard for posting shot groups. Now I do. I won't deny it----it was three at 100. & there were a bunch of groups on that same target and they weren't as good. I'll be back after my $h1t is acceptable to current standards. My apologies... Thanks...
  11. T

    SOE Data Tables Group Buy

    Gents... I have had a few requests that I provide a group buy opportunity for SH shooters. Here's what i'd do... 1. Each data set for %75.00 with instruction book. Regular cost 150.00 2. Each shooter gets to pick his or her own custom load data set that I'd custom create a data set for...
  12. B

    Site in today at 200 yards, 5 shot group

    Changed my rings. For the guys who are always asking where those sub 1moa.
  13. U2AV8R

    DFW CCI primer group buy

    Check out the DFW area CCI primer group buy at: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1229889#Post1229889
  14. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Old link to a US optics special ed SN3 group buy

    looking to see if anyone has a link to a SN3 snipers Hide special edition " had the SH insignia on the scope" that happenened a few years ago scope was an SN3 30 mm tube special moa reticle 3.8 x 22 non illum? Thanks Bill
  15. 95LTZ

    22lr group sizes?

    What do you think better than average group sizes should be for a 22lr at 100, 200 & 300 yards? I'm thinking 10 shot groups. Not once in a life time groups but, just plain old good groups.
  16. ptaylor

    Photos 1000 yard group

    300wsm with 208 amax running 2888.
  17. P

    My Wolf dope and 150yd/200yd group.

    Seem like posting up tested dopes is a good thing around here, so here is mine. Savage MKII FV .22lr EGW 20moa base Burris XTR med. rings Falcon 4.5-18x Wolf Match Extra ammo Sharp Shooter Supply JVT stock Harris 6-9" Eagle stock pack TIS sling. I was planning on dope all the way out to...
  18. W

    Photos Latest hand-load 10 shot group. 100 Meters AIAW 26

    Latest hand-load turned out to be fairly decent. Fired from Accuracy International Arctic Warfare in 26". .550" - .308" = 0.242" total Win Brass WLR Primer 43.4 gr RE-15 175 SMK 2.8 OAL Light Taper Crimp Finally, these were shot in the pouring rain.
  19. chuff

    Advanced Marksmanship group target?

    Apologies for the lame post, but does anyone have a link to the Sniper's Hide Group Target? I've been searching for it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have both of the practical tacticals and the other tactical, with the mini silhouettes, but I can't find the group target. Thanks.