1. BgBmBoo

    6XC BRASS.....anyone know who makes TUBB's?

    Anyone KNOW for a FACT who makes Tubb's 6XC brass? I have been using Norma, but Tubb marked cases are quite a bit less. I was told that Norma makes the brass, but after talking to a gent at Tubb's SSS company....who claimed he did not know who makes their brass???....I am wondering what the...

    Rifle Scopes NF scopes. What makes them superior??

    The only scopes I have owned are Leupold. I have a 6.5x20x50 LR on my Rem 40X .220 swift and a 3.5x10 on my Rem LTR .223. I have been looking to get a higher power for the LTR and have been shopping around on the Hide and AR15. The NF scopes are double the cost of a Leupold and I was hoping you...
  3. beretta989

    Rifle Scopes Who makes a good beater scope for under 400$

    Im looking for a decent scope for my ar-15 coyote rig its a 16inch heavey barral rig and a 4-16x50 would be plenty just looking for somthing I can maybe paint and not feel bad I have nightforce and leupolds on my bolt guns but don't like to beat on them.
  4. rweldon

    Rifle Scopes Who all makes realtree camo scopes?

    I'm looking for a Realtree camo scope for my Thompson Pro Hunter Encore. I know Nikon makes some, but are there any other choices out there?
  5. Tactical30

    who makes a 62gr. HPBT Match/ Reloading use

    I get sub-moa down to 1/4" groups at 100yrds all day with a Remington 62gr Premier Match ammo in my AR-15(custom built). I am new to reloading and am trying to find a 62gr Match HP bullet I can use for reloading. I cant seem to find any manufacturers that make them. It shoots 52gr.factory ammo...
  6. Lowe Left

    Which Company makes best stock pack?

    I'm in the market for a stock pack - on a MCM A5. Which is best in your opinions? Tks,
  7. cazorp

    Gunsmithing Who makes the best bore guides?

    I've been looking att getting a bore guide from Lucas, are there other alternatives that I should consider? Who makes the best custom bore-guides?
  8. B

    Who makes a 7 WSM??

    does anyone make an out of the box 7 mm WSM? I've looked at remmy's site and Savage, and weatherby..... Jim
  9. Raven6 Actual

    Rifle Scopes Who makes a 34mm Tan/FDE/Coyote scope mount?

    Anyone know who makes a good, roughly brownish in color, 34mm set of scope rings? (besides the circa $350 KAC set) I appreciate the help. -Rob
  10. trigger time

    Who makes a good trigger for AR-10 DPMS

    Before I get slammed, yes I searched and no I didn't find anything. Looking for a good single stage trigger for an DPMS AR-10. Thanks in advance, Tony
  11. S

    Who makes custom AR-10 complete uppers?

    does anyone know who makes AR-10 uppers? I have an AR-10, an DPMS lr-308 but I am seriously considering ordering a new upper for it. I just don't really like the looks, especially the slick slide. would rather have the other type. I think I may just try to sell my complete upper as that may...
  12. T

    Rifle Scopes What makes a scope good in your opinion?

    I’ve been going through the process of sorting through all the many scopes out there to find the one I decide is right for me. In my case I’m looking for a scope that I can use from 100 yards to 1000 yards when I go shooting just for fun. I’m not a competitor, and I’m not on a team where...
  13. N

    Movie- Nemesis Arms makes a tough Magazine

    Here is a quick movie of our super quality magazine. Our magazines are manufactured properly from the start. You will see what I mean in this video. Warrentied for life. David Ives Nemesis Arms 909-520-5636
  14. shawn_40312

    Gunsmithing What makes a barrel shoot better before cleaning?

    Seems that after cleaning all of the copper out of my barrel, it takes 15 to 20 rounds before my shots tighten back up. I will shoot between 1/2 and 3/4" groups after a good cleaning but once i get a few rounds thru the barrel, my groups will tighten up under 1/2" at 100 yards. Is it just me or...
  15. GasLight

    Gunsmithing What makes a lathe good?

    Just finished up my beginner machining class, and now that I feel like I understand the functions and how to operate the machines, I am curious what makes a good lathe or a bad lathe? I have heard much opinion on import, especially chinese, but am not sure I quite understand what makes one...
  16. D

    Rifle Scopes Who makes a good fixed 10x?

    I want a good 10x scope, something rugged, small, real good glass, and won't break the bank. I'd like to keep it below $800 if I can. What do you think?
  17. N

    What makes an AW ideal for cold weather?

    I know they have a bolt with small channels cut into it, to give it less surface area for icing, and a exteneded magazine release, but it that it? Could you upgrade an AE with those simple things, say by getting a gunsmith to partially flute the bolt and order in a spare extended mag release?
  18. Darkphage

    Who makes the best 338 Lapua?

    Anyone have any opinions on who makes the most accurate, reliable, out of the box 338 LM? I am interested primarily in bigger companies, but would like to hear about any great smaller outfits as well. I believe custom shops can probably make the best rifles overall, but at this stage I am...