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  1. M

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 4-14x FFP Copy by Famous Maker Pics

    I know some of you SH members love your Falcon scopes, so I thought you would like to see this. It's a very close copy of the Falcon 4-14x FFP scope. Only it has a Mildot reticle and 1/4" click turrets but it's half the price, about $150 bucks. Some pictures of the Famous Maker copy of the...
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace Loose plug????

    I just received my second Falcon menace 4-14x44mm scope and noticed the plug that is on the left hand corner under the scope is about 1/8" out farther than my other Falcon, and is only hand tight. Is this of major concern. I just wanted to check with other members to see what this plug affects...
  3. raising_arizona

    Rifle Scopes Sanity check: Badger rings and Menace 4-14x44

    Just checking: will the standard Badger rings (.823") work for a Rem 700 LTR, Falcon Menace 4-14x44 mm, and 20 MOA base? I don't have them in front of me (working out of town) and I'd like to order the Badgers. Thx!
  4. S

    Rifle Scopes New Falcon Menace 5X25 - Need length information

    A) What is the length of the scope from the end of the rear ocular to the turret housing (rings bump against)? B) What is the length of the turret housing? C) Turret housing to the end of the front objective? D) A+B+C = total overall length Thanks!
  5. G

    Rifle Scopes resetting the zero on a falcon menace

    sorry its kinda a noob question but i can't get my turrets to reset once i zero. i unscrew the allen screw and try to adjust it back but it moves the zero. any help would be appreciated cause i surely can't get it. what am i doing wrong here
  6. R

    Rifle Scopes Falcon 5.5-25x56 Menace owners question

    Hi folks! I'm currently having a hard time deciding which Falcon scope to get. The Review here says the image of the 5.5-25x56 was a little "milkly" compared to previous models what scared me a little. Is this only at higher magnification values (~18 and up) or a general issue? Might that also...
  7. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes reticle on the Falcon Menace 1.5-5x30SIR?

    I can't seem to find a lot of information on the Falcon Menace 1.5-5x30SIR. Does anyone know what kind of reticle it has?
  8. RidgeRebel

    Rifle Scopes Nikon Monarch or Falcon Menace

    Hey guys I need a scope for my LR 308. I can spend $500 give or take a little. I think I have narrowed the choices to either a Nokon Monarch 4-16X42 Mil dot or a Falcon Menace 4-14X44 FFP. I like the features of the Falcon better than the nikon but it bothers me that the falcon only has a 5 yr...
  9. S

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Optics 5.5-25x56 Menace Review

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Falcon Optics 5.5-25x56 Menace Review</span> First off, I want to thank Robert Snyder at RWSGunsmithing.com for allowing me the opportunity to review this optic at length and in detail. I'd also like to say... <span style="color: #FF0000"> <span...
  10. C

    Rifle Scopes Wonders optics vs. Falcon Menace?

    This may already have been done, but after a search I could not find it. Has anyone done a side by side comparison of theses scopes? I have read several threads on both scopes but none where they are tested against each other. Currently shoot much more expensive optics but would be interested...
  11. J

    Rifle Scopes Nikon Monarch or Bushnell 4200 or Menace

    I'm looking at the Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 Bushnell 4-16x40 Falcon Menace 4-14x44 Or Other. What do you think about these three. Which would you go with and why? Thanks in advance. I know the Bushnell and Falcon have been discussed, but the Monarch doesn't get included in the "Best Bang for...
  12. S

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace users a quick question.

    I just got my scope and got it mounted this weekend have not had a chance to get to the range with mothers day and all. I noticed when I was playing around with it last night I took the caps off to see how much grease and goop it had under the caps after reading a thread where someone had said...
  13. TacticalSasquach

    Rifle Scopes Is falcon menace able to withstand .50BMG?

    Just got my falcon menace 5-25x56 in, and was intrested in knowing wether or not to sight in on my ba-50 bushmaster. Will I reduce a $500 scope into trash, or what
  14. xxsjj2007xx

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace Wanted

    Does anyone here on the Hide sell these optics. New or used would be fine. Thanks for the help guys.
  15. jtom66

    Rifle Scopes BDC knob for Falcon Optics Menace 4-14x44FFP ??

    I've heard good things about the Falcon Optics Menace 4-14x44FFP as a good entry level FFP option. Anyone make a BDC knob for this scope? I tried Kenton Industries and they replied that they don not make a knob for the Menace at this time. Thanks!
  16. M

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 4-14 FFP -- SLR or ML16 reticle?

    Is there a consensus on which reticle is "better" with MIL knobs? I'm kind of leaning toward the ML16. Where's a good place to purchase one? I've been checking RWS periodically but they're always out-of-stock. Mike
  17. 199thINF

    Rifle Scopes New Falcon Menace!

    Pulled the trigger and ordered a 4-14x44 (w/ the ML16 ret. and mil/mil knobs) from Matt at sightwonders.com! This is my first bolt gun and I can't wait to get it mounted (going on a SPS tac. 308)! BTW, Matt has been awesome to work with and answered all my n00b-esque questions with patience...
  18. R

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 4-14x44 or Wotac 4-14x50?

    I have received plenty of feedback on how great the Falcon is. But how about some feedback on the Wotac, and which would be better. After doing some initial looking I think I am still leaning towards the Falcon, but would like to see if anyone has some experience with both and can help me make...
  19. O

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace issue.

    I just got my 4-14 menace in and everything looked great. The knobs were not to mushy, the glass looked decent, it was FFP, everything I was looking for. The only problem I did see was the hash marks on the elevation were off compared to where the clicks stop. It is between two hash marks at the...
  20. R

    Rifle Scopes Millett TRS-1 or Falcon Menace 4-14x44 FFP

    Hello all, I want to add a new scope to my Rem 700 SPS Varmint, and both of these seem to fit the bill. I am just not sure which way to go. Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.