1. A

    Height over bore question

    I'm currently shooting a Ruger RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor and expecting the arrival of my new scope soon, a Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS3. I had considered the Nightforce NX8 and a couple other contenders in the $2000 range, but after Big Jim Fish's writeup and the fact I was able to scoop one up off...
  2. deepsea

    Mounting Binos to Tripod

    Is there a general consensus on best way to mount Binos to a tripod? I will be running SLC15x56 to an anvil 30/RRS22I. I know the 3 most popular options are the (1) RRS Cinch (2)Outsoorsmans (3) Swaro TA-SLC mount, anybody with experiance with all 3?
  3. M

    Need advice for outfitting my Savage 10fcp-k

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community but i'd like to start by saying thanks in advance for any and all advice and tips you guys can give me. I've been reading through a ton of threads and i've collected a couple ideas of what i may choose for a scope and mounting. First off i wanted to spend...
  4. C

    Gunsmithing fixin ta snap(Scope mounting questions)

    Ok...I've been looking. I hate the search function here. I need to know the best way to mount my base, rings, and scope. I have a 10FP, Farrell base, XTR rings, Vortex scope. Should I use loctite? I had a red dot on a shotgun which came loose. I dont want that to happen again. If you use...
  5. Jdpalm3

    Rifle Scopes DNZ Game Reaper 1pc Scope Mounting System?

    Bout to drop a WOTAC variable power onto my new R700 SA. I really Like the 1 piece design for scope mounts. Ive heard that the DNZ products game reaper is really nice. Anyone have any experience with them? What height do i need to clear the 50mm objective on a R700 with a heavy contour...
  6. 4

    10/22 scope mounting question

    So now I have a super sniper coming my way and need some help mounting scope. I think I am going to get EGW or Rimfiretech's 20 MOA base and Burris XTR rings. Which ring height do I need to get? Any other ring/base combination that's working for your 10/22 long range rig? Thanks for your help in...
  7. divejay

    Gunsmithing m2008 aics stock mounting question

    doesn anyone knows of a gunsmith that mils the aics stock to fit the badger m2008 and how much it cost? i just order one and im gonna be installing it on an aics. thnx jason
  8. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Scope mounting question....

    So I've mounted many a scope in my day doing all the typical things that you read about on how to properly mount up a scope (e.g. hanging a plumb line, checking eye relief, proper torque settings, etc) but then after linking to the Hide article that uses the feeler gauges (well written article...
  9. Tenspot

    Rifle Scopes Help, XTR Mounting

    I bought a set of Burris XTR rings for my Rock River AR. The rings have a round bar with a flat milled into to engage the rail for recoil. If I read the directions to mount the rings it says to mount with the nut for the clamp on the left. To me, left on the firearm is from looking at it from...
  10. H

    Mounting Near brake on my TRG 22

    Hey guys, I recently received in trade an as new Sako TRG 22. It includes an unmounted Near Mfg muzzle brake. Quite a chunk of metal. Looks very precisely machined, like all the other pieces I have seen from Near. I have never mounted a Muzzle brake and am wondering if there is anything I...
  11. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Mounting a scope on an AR15

    I have a flattop AR carbine and want to mount a scope on it for hunting. It seems that standard rings are way to low and so I either need a much taller set of rings or some sort of a spacer block so the standard rings will work. Can anyone help me on this?
  12. M

    Rifle Scopes Seekins Rings Mounting Torque

    I recently purchased a set of Seeking 30mm scope rings. I received no torque specs. Looking for advice as to what to torque for mounting and the the rings. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tactical30

    Rifle Scopes Nightvision Mounting Systems

    Has anyone had or installed a S.I.R.S Rail System on a Mcmillan A-5 Stock? Ive seen the MARS rail system and the MIRS system but I dont know which one will work with an A-5 stock with a Krieger MTU barrel. My concern is the rail going to clear the MTU barrel, on any of them. I dont see paying...
  14. codlinjr

    Rifle Scopes NXS 2.5x10x32 mounting question

    for those that have one, what rings & height did you mount it with? And if possible, do you have a picture of the set-up? Thanks
  15. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Weird question about mounting Seekins rings.....

    I just got some new S&B scopes in and started to get the rifles ready for installation with some Seekins rings. As I started putting the pieces on the bench and setting the rings on the picatinny rail, I set the rings on the rail so that the Torx screws on the base were along the right side of...
  16. JoeMartin

    Mounting the EGW 20 MOA Base

    My EGW 20 MOA Base came today for my Savage Mark II FVT and I got it mounted. (I was going to shoot my Lakefield but decided to mow the Range this morning instead. It needed it). When I got home from the Range mowing venture I mounted the base. I used the furthest back and farthest front...
  17. W

    ACOG mounting question with front sight

    I have a new LMT flattop 16" bbl with LMT OEM rear aperture sight-it has the "A" front sight/gas block configuration. I want to put an ACOG in place of the rear sight using LaRue QD mount & Trijicon 4x32 ACOG. Will I be able to see "over" the front sight, or will I need to switch to a lower/no...
  18. Phylodog

    Rifle Scopes Curious about ya'lls scope mounting experiences

    I recently had a scope issue. Not a big deal, shit happens and even Ferrari's break down. When the manufacturer received back they pointed out to me that when zeroed to my rife the reticle windage was 8MOA off from the optical center of the scope. I got the impression that this was being...
  19. P

    Rifle Scopes Mounting a scope?

    My EGW base came today. I plan on mounting it tomorrow, but have a quick question. Do I need to clean the threads with alcohol before mounting? I also need to get some blue Loctite. Do I also use the Loctite on the mount bolts for the rings? I won't use it on the ring cap screws. Should I get...
  20. He Shoot Me

    Rifle Scopes Mounting a Picatinny base

    Okay, yesterday I got the last piece of the puzzle (Scope rings) Got all fired-up and mounted my scope. After putting it all together, staring at it, and then spending 7 1/2 minutes with it alone in the Whack Shack, I decided to clean-up....check that....I was ordered to clean-up the living...