1. sictransitjosh

    New rifle build: AR10 or M1A? Thoughts?

    Well, I'm looking to build a new rifle, and I'm just asking for opinions/suggestions. It will be a .308, and I've narrowed it down to either an AR-10, or an M1A. I love M1As to begin with, always loved the Sage Mod 0 chassis for it. But, also love the AR-10 platform as well. It will be used for...
  2. Phone Skope

    Cheston with Phone Skope - Utah Memeber

    Hi Everyone, This is Cheston With Phone Skope, we are big into long range shooting. We discovered the site by google, and would love to participate with the discussions, as well as have a few questions answered. Look forward to great discussions! Cheston
  3. M

    Suppressors How good a shooter is a S&W 4006

    How good a shooter is a S&W 4006? A friend and gunshop owner found one NIB and sold it to me for $400 plus tax. As it was unfired I figured that's a fare price. I already have a couple of .40ties but may hang on to this one. The reports on the Internet are mixed as to it's accuracy. Mike G
  4. A

    280 Ackley is a shooter!

    Here is my last 5 shot 540m (600yrds) 280 Ackley Rem. action Kreiger #6 barrel Badger DBM S/B PMII 3.5-12 McMillian A5 stock Jewell trigger 15oz 168g Berger VLD This group went 2.441 @ 600! I am pretty excited and hope I can repeat it in the field. A light wind pushed it over and I should...
  5. C

    Stevens 200 can be a shooter!!!!

    I promised picture of the Stevens 200 that I put together as a suppressed short range sniper toy. The gun was completely torn down, trued and sandblasted before Duracoat was applied. I polished the bolt and tweaked the trigger to about 4lbs., cut the barrel to 17" and threaded for 1/2"x28 tpi...
  6. BgBmBoo

    6XC range report...looks like a shooter

    So I threw some loads together for the new 6XC case prep at all and right out of the bag new brass. Started with 38.3gns or RL-17 and went up in .3gn steps....seem it likes it fast. Best group came in at 39.1gns. Seating the bullets (107 SMK's) in the lands. As you can see...
  7. G

    HardRock shooter ?

    (1) Do you prefer MOA or Mills when shooting HR? (2) Do you use the same system for everything else?
  8. Y

    Maggie’s good shooter?

    ok guys here is a good one for you. My little sister (in the army) has been dating a marine for a 1 1/2 years now. He just got back from the sandbox a few weeks ago. Ok now dont get me wrong I have nothing against marines there are tons of them in my family as well as army and a few navy boys...
  9. P

    Mix Single and Two Stage Trigger - One Shooter?

    I am building a couple of AR15s and one AR10, as well as obtaining a couple of bolt rifles (over time). Question is, should these rifles all have the same type of trigger (single stage or two stage)? I have been told by some that trying to switch back and forth between both types can be...
  10. M

    Shooter Ready?

    Has anyone purchased this software? Is it worth the money? Shooter Ready
  11. usmc7980

    Movie Theater "shooter" the book and not the one you thinking of

    Just finished it. I read it all the way through and it was excellent. A first hand account of Marine sniper that stretches most of his career. It has some interesting things in it and I highly recommend it. Here's the Amazon for it
  12. K

    Gunsmithing fitting gun for handicapped shooter

    We have been asked to help set up a hunting rifle for a young man who lost his right hand and has a prosthetic hook from the wrist down. I have built several rifles for handicapped people even some for paraplegics and we have set up some strange but safe and affective devises. but this one...
  13. S

    WTK: A good out-of-the-box shooter

    My son is looking to get in to BR shooting .22cal. What is a good bolt action,to start out with? something that's a shooter "out-of-the-box".round or under $800./ I don't want to do a build,until I see that he is going to stay with it.
  14. H

    Movie Theater Old timer in "Shooter"

    What was the old timer in "Shooter" looking for when he looked at Marky Marks palm?
  15. Killswitch Engage

    Range Report New shooter with range report!!!!

    my five year old with her first rifle. sometimes life is just good!!!!
  16. M

    Rifle Scopes Need for FFP if I am NOT a tactical shooter?

    After a lot of research, I was dead set on purchasing an FFP scope. However, yesterday I read an article online (written by a member from here) that talked about how the FFP is ideal for a tactical scope, while for shooting tight groups at long ranges at your local range or competition, the...
  17. B

    Movie Theater Shooter for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Has anyone seen/played Shooter on the iPhone? It just came out last Friday and is already in the Top 100 games on iTunes. If you want to see a video of the game in action or some screen shots: READY… AIM… SHOOTER! The Official Movie Game TARGETS...
  18. N

    Advanced Marksmanship Sterling Shooter, or other aperture sight gurus?

    Have a Palma rig outfitted with a Warner #2 rear and a Gehmann #566 iris. How the heck do you keep the iris from unscrewing where it's threaded to the rear sight when you change the iris adjustments? I wanted to adjust the aperture -- the range being 0.5 to 3.0 -- and when I turned it to the...
  19. L

    New shooter and poster.

    Hi im new here and new to firearms. I recently purchased a Remington 700 Sps from 599 from my local gun store. I am wondering if you guys have any recommendations for some good optics in the price range of 200-300.00USD, also are there any bipods out there that are just as good as Harrison...
  20. GySgt New River

    Range HIGH Shooter!

    During the past 2 weeks I was on grass week and then firing week at Stone Bay Marine Corps Rifle Range. My scores from ALPHA RANGE are below in case anyone cares. I was firing a M16A2 Service Rifle, True Zero was 11 clicks down on the front sight post and center on the rear sight windage at 200...