1. I

    Accessories WTB M5 DBM Short Action + SAUM/WSM mag

    Looking to buy M5 style DBM for Rem 700 short action. Prefer a flush/low profile DBM since it will be on a hunting rig but let me know what you have. Also am looking for 7 SAUM ADG brass, Whidden/Redding dies, and WSM/SAUM mag 3 or 7 round magazine. Let me know what you have!
  2. C

    300 to 600 yard performance

    Currently I have a .260 and 300WSM set up for longer range target and hunting applications. I have a decent stockpile of 6.5 bullets and powders and the majority of parts needed for a 6.5 CM bolt gun build. The majority of threads I have gone thru have stated that 24in is the minimum most...
  3. S

    Gunsmithing 6.5 Swede in a R700 short action?

    I saw a post where someone said they had a 6.5 Swede built on their Rem700 short action. Are major modifactions needed or is it mainly with the feeding from the magazine? Also, would it be possible to modify the magazine such that you could still utilize the 'bdl' configuration? Thanks. Rich
  4. B

    Short Throat .308

    A friend of mine brought over his new to him .308 bolt gun built by a well known builder of top end rifles. Great looking rifle with all the necessities, he says it shoots tight little bug hole groups. In the course of our discussion about the rifle I ask so what bullet does it like and what...
  5. 300sniper

    Gunsmithing short barrel and tight bores?

    i am about to start ordering parts for my new build. i am thinking about an 18-1/2" barrel .308 for our local steel match that goes out to 500 meters. i also want to be able to use this rifle for our 1k match now and then although i know it is not going to be ideal. the main purpose for this is...
  6. J

    Article in latest Blue Press ref. short barrels

    Anyone read the above article? I thought it to be quite interesting, especially given LL's video on shooting his 18" bbl out to 1K. I might have to try this out with a couple of rifles. There was another thought provoking article in the same issue about pistol reload procedures, but that...
  7. Sgt.Henry

    How Short for a 700P?

    I'm really not happy with my stock 700P and was thinking of Shortening the stock remington barrell, A local smith can cut & recrown for me and I was wondering what would be the best length? I'm a LEO and most of my shooting is done 300yds and in. I do alot of baricade shooting and I would like...
  8. P

    HS Precision Short Tactical Rifle

    Just purchased a HS Precision Short Tactical Rifle (STR) in .308W with 10 round mag as my hunting rifle. While it may not be as good as a GAP or Tac-Ops it will do me. It shoots pretty well. Just over 1/2 inch at 200mtr. At 100 mtr Going pig hunting for a fortnight from 01 July.
  9. 3

    Who has a Badger M2008 short action switch barrel?

    If anybody has a switch barrel setup on this action how do you like it and how well is it working for you? Thanks in advance.
  10. G

    New load for a short barrel 308

    Hey Guys Im building a 21" 308 using a model 700 varment, was a 26" barrel, I'm looking for a good starter load, bullet, powder, primer? I dont have it finished yet but should be by the end of the month. Most of my shooting will be at 500 yards target and 100-300 hunting. I was told that varget...
  11. P

    Short Barrel .308 question

    I have a velocity question, I put together a .308 rifle for daughter, she is small and the type of competing she does she has to move and carry the rifle. The rifle is a Savage Precision Carbine 1 in 10 twist, 14.5 inch with a fixed brake. The rifle shoots great groups with 168SMK, and...
  12. 19Scout77

    Shorty Short Mag

    Just picked up my 22.5" experiment. About 14lbs as you see it--7wsm. <span style="font-weight: bold">**for those of you sensitive to the plight of poor mistreated landlords--please note that no hardwood floors were harmed during the making of this thread**</span>
  13. 03psd

    Cases too short? 22-250

    Can a case be too short? I was trimming necks on a bunch of brass I inherited. I was following the guidelines for a trim to length of 1.902". I found a couple cases that were as short as 1.895". All appeared at least 1x fired. I don't have an unfired piece of new brass to compare to so I dont...

    Please help, I rode the short bus. PSS questions

    I am very new to long range shooting. Ive been looking at Remington 700s. There are too many models for me to choose from. I am looking for a .223 and ran into a guy when I was working out of town that has a PSS fluted barrel for sale. He just sent some pics and details. I mostly shoot paper...
  15. Gunnut105

    Gunsmithing Chopping 308 barrel real short

    I was thinking about chopping my 308 barrel down to 15" and then permanently mounting my AAC flashhider. What kind of performance should I expect from such a short barrel. I would be shooting a distances less than 200yds and wanted a really compact system for use with my can.
  16. BgBmBoo

    What to do for a short barrel .243?

    Well I have gotten all the goodies...powder,primers,bullets,brass,etc., lined up for my .243. Here is the has a 16 1/2" barrel. With factory ammo it REALLY likes Hornady 75gr HP. Will shoot sub 1/2" groups at 100yrds with it. I have some 75gr HP Hornady, 75gr Vmax,and 87gr Vmax...
  17. J

    Starting Load for a Short M1A/M14 ??

    Anyone have a starting load for a M1A / M14? 13.5" barrel 147 gr FMJ LC mil brass, powder? 748? CCI primers (what I have and can still find a few) Thanks James
  18. C

    Gunsmithing Williams ST (short tactical) bottom metal?

    Guys, I've found a guy with one of these for sale. He say's it was originally produced for McMillan to replace the Model 70 stuff on the M40A1. My question is, is this bottom metal just the pre Oberndorf design or is it physically unique? This is what he has said about it. "I have a Williams...
  19. D

    Short supply of fn spr? What has happened to them

    Cant seem to find the spr version that was a dime a dozen. What the hell is going on here?
  20. kraigWY

    Rifle Scopes 308 Short Range Ammo

    Some guy is sending me some plastic ammo to try. From Sportsman's Guide what they call a " .308 short range ammo." The ammunition is German and has "LOS DAG96G0622" on the bottom of the box. It has 7,62 MMx51, DM18A1B1 He said when he tried to chamber it in his savage the bolt was hard to...