1. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Shot Show conversation with the Owner of Tangent Theta Scopes

    At SHOT 2014, I had a great conversation with Andrew Webber, owner of Tangent Theta. I want to break that conversation down so there is no mistaking what I am saying. Right off the bat, every concern I had was addressed, and this part of the discussing came without any prompting by me...
  2. lowlight

    Vectronix - Updated 2014 Product Developments

    Vectronix Update, At SHOT, I spoke to some in charge at Vectronix about what is happening with the line in 2014 and here is the Real Scoop. 1. Yes the Terrapin, PLRF 10c, PLRF 15c will be discontinued some time this year. (Official cut off date is TBD) 2. All the products will continued to...
  3. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Official NF 2014 Press Release, New Product Announcement

    January 2014/For immediate release Nightforce announces new products for 2014 Nightforce Optics, manufacturer of precision optics for precision shooting, is excited to announce the company’s new items for 2014. 4-14 x 56 SHV™ The all-new 4-14 x 56 SHV™, the most affordable Nightforce...
  4. Aimsmall55

    Range Report Best 10 shot group at 520 I'll ever get

    6.5 creedmor. 140 vld. 42.4 h4350. 2.140 to ogive. Ga Precision Crusaser .95" center to center at 520. I was in disbelief. Got to admit.... Really no wind to speak of
  5. Seekers

    Maggie’s 1,853 metres Kill Shot Recorded in Afghanistan

    A British sniper killed a Taliban leader with the longest-ever fatal bullet shot in Afghanistan - from nearly TWO KILOMETRES away. Read more: He admits he missed the first one but was so far away, the guy didn't even know he was being...
  6. GUNNER75

    Hunting & Fishing 462yrd shot on ground squirrel

    Was out shooting this evening testing some new 243 loads at 300yrds. This little guy stepped out beyond the target and gave me a couple shots. He should have skinned out before #4. Pretty sure he would have lived another day if it wasn't for my spotter. 115gr DTAC running 3010fps...
  7. MrClean

    Steyr SSG shooters..... shot groups? pics?

    Hey, I know it's not a GAP but surely there are a few Steyr SSG owners out there that can post accuracy results and maybe some pics of targets? Even of your rifle would be cool, just curious how accurate your rifles are. Thanks!
  8. Lineman711

    Just shot my best rimfire group ever.

    Got bored today, wasn't seeing any groundhogs. Stepped out from the truck 50 steps, stuck a Shoot-N-See target on a box and shot 5 shots from my new CZ 452 Varmint. First 5 were a little to the right, moved the scope an inch left covered that group and fired 5 more. Best group I've ever shot...
  9. Corp. Punishment

    Tikka Single Shot follower?

    When I am at the range I enjoy loading my rifle single shot, but with my Tikka T3 the round always misses the hole. I am now on the search for a single shot follower. Does anybody know where I could get one? Thanks
  10. rickp

    New Zero or just a bad shot??

    I went to the range to shoot my R700 for the first time in quite a while. I took 5 shot on 5 diferent .5" dots and all my shot were about .5" low. As I started to question my shots I started to adjust elevation 1/2 MOA up and that brought up my shots and I was happier with my performance. So...
  11. 45.308

    One Shot or Case Slick?

    I picked up one can each, first time they have been avail for months here, I know I should try them both first but any yea or nay about either of these before breaking the seal? At this time, these are the only two spray lubes I can find in my AO and I would like to stock up while they are avail...
  12. vinconco

    Hunting & Fishing 2 crows 1 shot

    Got a 2fer today at 350 yards. Two crows lined up jusssst right and the rear one got his head popped. 30-06 26" rock M-24 5R 1-11 155 scenar @3170 fps
  13. JRose

    Rifles that don't get shot often

    What's a good practice to protect the bore on collector rifles that rarely get used?
  14. deersniper

    Hunting & Fishing Shot at a deer today at 900 yards, wounded it.

    Ok, I didn't really do that. Why is it acceptable practice to take shots at predators (fox, coyote, etc) at distances that don't ensure a clean kill, but it is considered unethical to shoot at a game animal such as a deer at long range? I respect a fox alot more than a lyme disease carrying...
  15. B

    Site in today at 200 yards, 5 shot group

    Changed my rings. For the guys who are always asking where those sub 1moa.
  16. N

    Fast follow up shot with AI (AW/AICS) ?

    How do you guys using these stocks or rifles manage to get of a fast follow up shot without loosing your target through scope.. link to marines and M40A3:
  17. LoneWolfUSMC

    Photos Another night shot

    Same location, different angle. I don't have a camera tripod anymore (got cannibalized for the rifle and one is on a spotting scope). These are taken with very long exposure (16sec.) so anything can disturb the image.
  18. TBass

    Photos Dot Drill shot at 109 yards

    This dot drill is a very humbling experience. I actually shot the target at it appears (I shot it sideways, instead if placing the target up & down). I did not take any zeroing shots, as I had shot the day before & the conditions were almost identical. After every shot I stood up and got back...
  19. The Mechanic

    Lee Rasmussen's New world record 5 shot 1000 yard

    This weekend at an FCSA event Lee Rasmussen set a new .50 record at 1,000 yards with a 5 shot group 1.95 inches. That is between .1 and .2 MOA with a 5 shot group! Congrats Lee
  20. RollingThunder51

    Maggie’s Humor....1000 YARDS SHOT

    Maybe phearkno1 has a point....there IS something off about the pic.