1. B

    Info on Remington SPS

    I was wondering what folks experiences are here with the Remington SPS...good? Anybody know the barrel diameter at the muzzle for the 20" barrel. I assume hammer forged rifling, correct? I'm looking at these for a base rifle for a budget precision rig and was wondering how it would compare to...
  2. K

    Rifle Scopes 700 SPS Tac....which base/rings for SS 10x42?

    As the title states, I just picked up a brand new 700 SPS Tactical. I have an SS 10x42 currently on my 24" barrel AR but would like to move it to the 700. Wondering what rings/base or integrated unit people are using on their 700 Short-action guns. Thanks!
  3. wordisbawn2008

    Photos sps T .308

    sps T .308
  4. J

    REM. SPS Tactical

    I am thinking about buying a Remington SPS Tactical in 223. Any info on this rifle would be appreciated.
  5. mark5pt56

    Question on SPS stock mod**SHORT RANGE REPORT

    Hello, Just picked up the 700 SPS, the one with the flat bottomed plastic stock and high comb. Has anyone cleaned out the end section portion that touches the barrel? I was thinking if I should just shoot it without mods or clean it out before I do. Few minutes with a dowel and sandpaper. I...
  6. diggler1833

    Range Report Barrel break In/load development .223 SPS Tac

    I'm pretty pleased to say the least with my SPS Tactical. I picked up some 68gr Hornady BTHP and just threw them in some unprepped (other than sized and chamfered/deburred) once fired Winchester brass that I picked up from the range where I work at. Haven't done any attempts at changing...
  7. N

    700 SPS Tactical as first gun?

    Hi all. This is my first post even though I have been reading the forum for some time. I am looking to get into long range shooting (300-1000 yards) as a hobby. My local dealer has an SPS Tactical 308 in stock that I am pretty tempted to buy. I have been wanting the LTR, but those seem very...
  8. L

    Gunsmithing stiff bolt on 700 SPS .223

    Hi all. My dear wife decided that now she really has the shooting bug, and we've bought her her first bolt rifle a 700 SPS in .223. The gun is remarkably accurate for not being free floated or bedded, and she shoots it pretty well (this being the second time she used a bolt gun with a scope she...
  9. rweldon

    Remington 5R, PSS, & SPS Tactical...barrel contour

    Does the Remington PSS, SPS Tactical, & 5R all have the same barrel contour? Are they all the "varmit" contour?
  10. sniper7369

    Gunsmithing Canjar trigger on new 700 SPS?

    OK, so today when I ordered my HS precision stock for my 700 I picked up this old Canjar trigger. I REALLY do not like the X-mark trigger that came with rifle. Anyway, my stock will be here Tuesday and I was going to see if this trigger would work in my rifle. I just don't have any idea if...
  11. E

    Range Report SPS .308 Range report

    I picked .308 Win 700 SPS a couple of weeks ago. Been looking at Cabela's for a while and they find put em on sale. I had a $100 off coupon and some points so I wound up paying $360 out the door for it. When funds are available it's going to be a .260 so in the mean time I figure I would shoot...
  12. rweldon

    FN PBR Barrel...same diameter as SPS tactical?

    Is a FN PBR barrel bigger, smaller, or about the same in diameter as a Remington SPS tactical?
  13. tspike

    Gunsmithing Threading a heavy barrel (SPS)

    I've got a SPS tactical 223 obviously with a heavy barrel. Is it possible to thread it for a can or will I lose the crown? As you can tell, I'm a noob when it comes to precision rifles. Thanks
  14. cyclone

    Remington 700 SPS Tactical 308

    Would this be a good rifle to start out with for LR shooting.I would add a McMillan stock and a NF scope.They are kinda cheap.It has a 20" barrel.
  15. B

    new sps tactical

    I just ordered a new sps tactical in .308. Is there anything special I need to do other than shoot the fool out of it? What kind of accuracy modifications are recommended? Are the Hogue stocks any good?
  16. diggler1833

    SPS Tactical nearly finished

    I picked up this .223 about 2 months ago and had it sitting around for glass and a stock. I know that it isn't a custom by any means, but it is what is and I should be able to wring out some accuracy anyways with handloads. I still have to bed it, which I may get around to doing tomorrow. I...
  17. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing SPS TAC transformation

    First step in changing up my SPS Tactical. I ditched the stock and started the metal and action work today.
  18. S

    Range Report Rem 700 SPS Tactical with Hand loads

    Rifle- Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 EGW 15 moa base Warn medium rings Bushnell 4200 Elite Tactical 6-24x50mm Harris Bipod Round- Sierra Moly-coat BTHP 168 gr. Accurate powder 39.1 Federal match primers once fired Black hills Brass gr.
  19. P

    Mods for a NOOB with a 700 SPS

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times. Tried to search but couldn't come up with the answer i was looking for. Picked up a 700 SPS Tactical in .223. Put on an EGW 0MOA base, Burris XTR low rings, and a Wonder Optics 4-14x50 scope. Changed out the stock with a B&C Tactical Medalist. Now...
  20. Jimmy2Times

    Rem 700 SPS replacement trigger gaurd/floorplate?

    OK, I just picked up a new 700 SPS. This will be my new project gun. The first thing I noticed is that the trigger guard and floorplate seem to be made out of plastic? Is it really plastic, or just some cheap, cheap ass pot metal? I know Remington has gone plastic crazy in the past few years...