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  1. comanche9

    Rifle Scopes top of EREK ?

    what are the numbers and lines on top of the EREK knob? im guess it lets you know how many clicks you have used / left since it goes from 0-90. Also how do you slip it so its on zero as well as the knob itself, right now with my knob on zero the plate is setting on 75.
  2. fusiachi

    Rifle Scopes Flat top receiver & A2 stock ring height?

    Other than what's required to keep the objective clear of the rail, are there any other considerations I should be aware of when determining the proper ring height for a DPMS LR-308 with a flat top & A2 stock?
  3. B

    Do Weaver top mounts work on your RF tech rail?

    Hi The way I understand it Weaver style mounts are supposed to work on Pic rails. I've tried 4 Weaver top mounts on my CZ 452 and there is no way they are going to get tight on this rail. Their see-throughs will since they are split and will pull in tight. After looking at Weaver's catalog, it...
  4. C

    2008 TOP SNIPER Question

    Does anyone know "FOR SURE" what stock the winning AMU team was using on the 2008 Top Sniper show? It was a folding stock that had a Remington 700 action in it. Thanks
  5. 308skinner

    Flat Top 223 load help!

    Alright guys i have a 1-9 20inch Pacnor barrel. I want to run a 60 or 55 VMAX or 55 Blitzking. What kind of powder should i use.
  6. Switchblade

    Suppressors TOP's Knives. Serious hardware.

    Blades are part of the roots. These are a fill 1/4" or 3/8" thick. The handles are great and the metal quality is very nice! Getting military discount on the blades: $234 Getting them the day after Valentine's Day: SWEET Having the wife not open her Valentine's Day card for three months...
  7. mr_hurricane


    Hello, where could i find a list, or .... can we compile a list here of what this community feels are the top 40 or so tactical competions in the united states, or/and globally rifle only. this information would be a huge help. -thanks
  8. W

    Mounting a Press to table top?

    I am about to mount my new Forster co-ax to a standard countertop, (particle board with a layer of formica I think on top) its the standard 5 ft countertop you can buy at Lowes and or Home depot. I have just built a new reloading area in the basement and need some advice. Is there a...
  9. P

    AR-15 - Looking for Top Accuracy

    A previous post here about a month ago was very helpful on proper setup of an AR-15 for long range shooting. My objective is the same, but distance is 100, 200, and rarely, out to 600 yards (that gun range is a 4 hour round trip). I will be using a Krieger heavy barrel, 22" long, but unsure on...
  10. D

    Top Sniper II, AMU 7Rem Mag / &WSM?

    I enjoyed the Top Sniper II series today. I'm curious; The winning AMU team's primary weapon - 7mm Rem Mag or WSM perhaps? Shooter interviewed saying they are pushing 175 grn 3000+ fps. (300 Win Mag maybe?) Interesting stock as well. DSMcG
  11. P

    Rifle Scopes Help on picking top line optic.

    Okay, I've had my Leupold 3-10 Mk4 M3 for a while. Ready to upgrade. Don't think I want super high power just 15-17 max. Thinking either USO, S&B or Nightforce. Don't need illum reticle but FFP would be nice. I don't want 1/4 moa turrents (too fine) but would prefer 1/2 mil but could settle...
  12. A

    Maggie’s Top 12 Country Songs

    12. I Hate Every Bone in Her Body But Mine 11. It's Hard to Kiss the Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day 10. If the Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me 9. I Liked You Better Before I Got to Know You So Well 8. I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim's Getting' Better 7. I...
  13. dbltap45acp

    Rifle Scopes What are the top three optics?

    In the opinion of this forum, what would the top three be. Shmit & Bender Premier Heritage USO What order would you put them in as well. Thanks PS, answer honestly without worrying about stepping on someones toes, I am curious as to the thoughts on this.
  14. Surgeon_Shooter

    155grn lapua scenar fps top speed?

    Hey guys I'm wanting to try some 155 scenars out of my 5-r .308 because I heard you could get 3100fps out of them and still have a pretty good b.c. Is this true? How fast have y'all got them up to with an accurate load? I have a 24" barrel.
  15. ArcticLight

    Movie Theater Top Sniper - Military Channel

    Anyone catching this? Awesome competition....
  16. sigyman

    Top 10 Custom Rifle builders????

    guys I want your oppinion on who you think are the Top 10 best Custom rifle builders I know GAP will probly take #1 on all your lists so who are the other 9????
  17. Tyler Kemp

    Rifle Scopes Saw a "Counter Sniper" on top of an actual SWAT...

    Just a minute ago on the Outdoor channel they showed some SWAT competition and there was a AR-15 looking gun in 308 with a Counter Sniper 3-25x on it. It didn't show it getting shot but it said it was "good to 900 yards". Why not something proven?
  18. D

    Rifle Scopes Sub $100 AR flat top riser/rings.

    Are there ANY? WHERE? INSTOCK? Despite all the AR craziness of the past 6 months, I did all my 'panic' buying before it was the the cool thing to do. I did overlook one thing. The only AR do-dad I really need right now is a moderately priced riser/base/ring one piece unit for a RRA...
  19. P

    US Optics on rimfire rifles... Over the top? :D

    Hello all, Got a USO 3.8x22 coming in a couple of months, but since I don't have a big boys' rifle to mount it on just yet, was thinking about putting it on a Sako Quad 17HMR I should get soon in the mean time... What do you guys think? I've seen a 10/22 with USO mounted on top... If you have...
  20. Wheres-Waldo

    Top Choice 300WM Brass?

    Whats the deal with Lapua not making 300WM brass? Im assuming Nosler and Norma are just about the top notch for 300WM?