10 or 22

  1. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing 10/22 barrel fit to 77/22 thread

    Can someone give me the link to the thread where someone on here went through the process step by step of converting a 10/22 to fit a 77/22. Can't find using either of the two search functions.
  2. chadg

    ruger 10/22

    Is there such a thing as a metal magazine for the 10/22.If so does anyone have a link for one...thanks
  3. InTheWeeds

    10/22 Mods

    Just picked up a nice 10/22 stainless from a neighbor who is moving. I was wondering what are some good barrels and stocks (or any other mods) that are popular. I'll probably be installing a suppressor on it in the future, so I dont need a barrel with a comp on it. What kind of ammo is...
  4. mrtoyz

    10/22 Barrel, fluted and threaded

    I'm looking for 10/22 barrel options that are fluted and threaded(for a can). I had been planning on a Tac Solutions barrel but I keep reading about poor accuracy. Can any one make a recommendation of a fluted, threaded barrel for roughly $200? Thank you! -Toyz
  5. J

    Marlin Model 60 vs Ruger 10/22?

    I know there may be some strong opinions regarding these two choices, so that's why I'm asking! Looking at the base models in either of these options...Under $200 for each. Want to hit 40oz cans (perhaps bottles) at 50-100 yards (e.g. good accuracy but not sub-moa) for cheap. Want to avoid...
  6. 4

    10/22 scope mounting question

    So now I have a super sniper coming my way and need some help mounting scope. I think I am going to get EGW or Rimfiretech's 20 MOA base and Burris XTR rings. Which ring height do I need to get? Any other ring/base combination that's working for your 10/22 long range rig? Thanks for your help in...
  7. B

    anything better than a 10/22

    i'm just wondering if there's anything more dependable than a 10/22 for under 500?
  8. 3

    10/22 scope out of adjustment

    I put my new Meuller 8.5-25 on my 10/22 and I'm maxed out of "UP" adjustment and I'm still 2" low and 25 yards. Any suggestions? I have access to a mill so I can mill the top of the scope mount or the bottom of one of the rings to build adjustment it. But before I do that I thought I'd see...
  9. 4

    Who has GM 10/22 barrel in stock?

    I am specifically looking for 20" fluted bull, blued or stainless. And it seems everyone's out of stock... anybody know someone has them in stock? BTW I have a 16" GM blued fluted sporter barrel that I can trade you if you have the barrel that i am looking for Thanks, 45
  10. akabaron

    Rifle Scopes 30 MOA Base for 10/22

    Hey I have a Ruger 10/22 with a Tac/solution barrel and Tac/solution base and installed a Tasco 6-24 Varmint Mildot and can only sight it in at 25 yds as I run out of elevation. Any one have any info on where I can get a 30 or 40 MOA Base for it? All I can find is a throw lever one for 165.00...
  11. D

    Good place to buy hogue overmold stock for 10/22

    Who's got the best price, shipping times, cs, etc.. Thanks
  12. beenjammin

    10/22 stock options for a .9ish barrel

    I got my tactical soltions barrel in and now i need a stock. I have been looking at the green hogues, but wanted to ask if there was a better solution out there. I hear the rubberized hogues can get real sticky and start smelling like burned rubber. I saw zacks tactical stock, but Im not...
  13. Bowman

    New 10/22 Build

    I decided to pick up a 10/22 so I could get some trigger time without breaking the bank. It also keeps the mileage down on my other sticks. I went out and bought the cheapest 10/22 that I could find and then rebuilt it. Build: Kidd Match Barrel, Stainless Bead Blasted Kidd Two Stage Trigger...
  14. dixieland26c

    10/22 Barrel Block Question

    Does anyone know the torque specs on the barrel block screws and take down screw on an aluminum receiver?
  15. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Narrowed the scope choice down for the 10/22

    It's going to be an entry level scope just so I can get trigger time, while saving my money for a better quality scope. I'll just be hitting the range shooting out to 150-200 max and plinking at camp. I have narrowed it down the the: BSA Sweet .22 6-18x40 side paralax BSA Contender 6-24x40...
  16. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Okay for an entry level 10/22 Scope???

    http://www.primaryarms.com/product.sc?categoryId=2&productId=17 I was looking for an entry level side focus scope for less than $200 for my 10/22T. Seems that for the money, the spec aren't too bad (considering the price). If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  17. ms6852

    10/22 threaded receivers and barrels?

    Sorry for being lazy, but do not want to search all the threads. Who makes threaded receivers and barrels for 10/22 ruger. I have a few $$$ hidden from the wife. Its our anniversary and was going to get her something nice than I remembered, heck it's mine too.
  18. Aries64

    10/22 "Barrel Droop"

    Fellow Hiders’, In this post I will discuss 10/22 “barrel droop” and its negative effects as well as methods of enhancing 10/22 accuracy, consistency, repeatability, and reliability through established, proven machining procedures common on firearms such as threading the barrel into the...
  19. S

    10/22 vs bolt opinions needed

    I've got a 10/22T that is bone stock right now. From what I've gathered, it's shooting about as good as expected for not having any mods done to it. So here is my dilemma: Send it to here: http://www.ct-precision.com/ and have the full tune up, taper crown, and have the barrel threaded to...
  20. ms6852

    10/22 barrel droop adjustment.

    How much of an adjustment is required to be made for the barrel droop on the 10/22 rugers for 100, 200, and 300 yds. I'm in the process of building one up. Nothing fancy just a hogue stock with a tac sol bull barrel 16.5 inch with a 3x9 bushnell. I have the moa adjustments from here for those...