1. KiwiShtr

    Getting an AIAW .338LM (1st post)

    Hi All. This is my first post on this site and thought what a way to start than to mention my up coming purchase of an AI AW 338LM. Before I go on, Ive been browsing over this site/forums for the past month or so and would like to pass on Kudo's to all those who post here. Alot of...
  2. Casey Simpson

    RL17 6.5x47L 1st test close range.

    Test Reloader17, 6.5x47L, 120grbullet, CCI#41primer, 92F, 200yds Wind was @5 mph from 5 to 7 o'clock. Mirage increasingly heavy. .0025 neck tension .0010 jump 3.101 oal hex comparator, sinclair no sizer button full length sized 26" 1/8" twist Kreiger AI/AE action 41.3 .5MOA 3072 fpsmv av ES...
  3. S

    Results Odessa FV 200yd F-Class August 1st

    We had a nice group today...16 guns. <span style="font-weight: bold">F-Open </span> 1. JDA Jr. 199-27V (6BRX) 2. STP 195-21V (6BRX) 3. JDA Sr. 188-12V (6BRX) 4. Greg 188-10V (222Rem) 5. David 150 (260Rem) <span style="font-weight: bold">F-TR </span> 1. K. Mussack...
  4. S

    Rifle Scopes 1st medium range tactical scope help for 300 WM

    Some of the scope options I have thrown in the air are Nikon Monarch X 4-16x50 or 2.5-10x44 30mm Nikon Monarch 5-20x44 1" SWFA SS 10x42 or 16x42 30mm I will be using or would like to use a duplex reticle dialing in my shots at different ranges. I would like to eventually make it out to 1000...
  5. S

    Odessa FV 200yd F-Class match August 1st

    We will be enjoying the next match this Saturday, August 1st. Registration begins at 10:00 AM and the first round downrange should begin at 11:00 AM. This is a non-sanctioned F-Class match, designed to provide the new shooter that would like to shoot one first...then attend a sanctioned match...
  6. fordsoldier

    1st time out with new rifle.

    This one is for the pro's. Went to the range today with my new remmy 700 in 308. Made some handloads up. using 43.0g, 43.5, 44.0, 44.5 of varget. 175SMK laupa brass and Fed 210m Primers. My 43g were reading on my chronograph 2900FPS. Something is not right. Any help would be great. I am...
  7. bhoges

    Suppressors 1st Gen Glcok 17 tips on grip work?

    I just got an awesome deal on a Glock 17. I put new sights on,3.5 disconnect,ext mag and slide release and coated the slide. I shot it today for the 1st time and I hate it. The pistol is difficult to hold due to the lack on finger groves. Granted I was using dept ammo plus P so it was hot loads...
  8. tjonh2001

    Suppressors 1st timer looking for to buy a suppressor

    like is says guys i am in the market for my first silencer. i am wondering is there anyone on the hide that i can purchase from or does it have to be a local dealer. also i am wondering if i have a 6mm suppresor would it also work on my 22-250ai? please help me so i can get one before the...
  9. D

    Photos My 1st dot drill

    I had a blast shooting this, the grouping i shot after i did the dot drill and the barrel was hot and i was worn out. The gun still out shoots me.
  10. oldgrayone

    Maggie’s GM puts out 1st Gov approved auto

    Get in line folks they will sell fast
  11. wjwill

    a Got my boom stick back!!!! NEW UPDATE 1ST POST

    <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="color: #FF0000">UPDATE: I took the rifle to Don Cracy in Independence, Louisiana. We separated the stock from the action and retorqed everything down. Then we went to his private range and used a couple of his hand loads. The first three of his loads...
  12. N

    Hunting & Fishing Exotic hunting in Tx black buck my 1st

    I had an opportunity to head down to the Spanish Gourd Ranch in Bracketville Texas this past weekend with single.shot from here on the hide. Last January we were allowed to go down and harvest one doe and while I was hunting I saw a black buck and got the exotic fever and started saving pennies...
  13. W

    Suppressors 1st Polymer pistol

    Guys,I am thinking of taking the plunge and finally trying out a polymer pistol.I am new to these as I have always had 1911's.I am undecided as to which pistol to get,it has to be a 45 acp as I only want to stock 1 caliber of ammo.If you polymer pros could give me some of your recommendations...
  14. Snafu12

    1st try at making 260 brass

    Got may dies today for 260 Annealed some 243 Lapua Taper button neck to 6.5 mm Body die to full length size 142 SMK
  15. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing 5R touchup 1st multi icam attempt

    After doing my first bedding job using devcon I had a few places that I wanted to touch up such as a chip in front of the recoil lug, a chip under the tang, along the top edge of the barrel channel and I wanted to clean up the lines inside the mag/trigger well. I went ahead and textured the...
  16. lordt313

    Advice on 1st time equipment

    I am getting ready to purchase reloading equipment because I can no longer aford factory ammo, I will be reloading one rifle in .308 and eventually want to make precision loads. i am just looking for some suggestions as far as a press, dies etc.. Thanks Taylor
  17. BgBmBoo

    NEW to relaoding..help for my 1st .223 reloads

    Hi Gang. I have never reloaded before...outside of shotshells about 25 years ago...and just set up my RCBS press. I was able to get my hands on 3000 CCI 400 primers some Hodgens Benchmark powder and some 50gr Sierra Blitz King bullets. Now I see in all the manuals I have looked at the...
  18. S

    Rifle Scopes Was Premier the 1st to...

    deviate from the std. mil-dot dots along the axes system?
  19. Snafu12

    Gunsmithing Communications for 1st rifle ?

    Resent post have me wondering it I have cover all that needs to be covered? Rifle will be used for 300 yard F Class 500 yrd clay bird match 1K 10" steel match True Remington action, chamber (260 Rem) and install Bartlien barrel (Supplied) A) Throat. Thinking 120s and 142s......... mainly 142...
  20. N

    Suppressors 1st handgun purchase?

    I am looking to get my 1st handgun just waiting on my pistol permit. I have shoot handguns before my brother is a SO I bought him a Sig 226 9mm for his graduation 5 years ago and mostly shoot that and his Glock 23/22 .40. I am looking at maybe a Wilson Combat CQB. This will only be for range...