1. spartan5538

    input on Remington 700 project?

    I recently compiled a list of components for a .300 Win Mag I want to build in Remington 700 pattern. The goal was to find components that are high quality and light-weight. The idea is to build a long range rifle ideal for both hunting and precision shooting. Ideally this project will be...
  2. rasbridge

    Photos My Golani project

    This is my Israeli Golani that I built from ground up and Duracoated. It's still in the final stages of completion.Will be adding a lomg scope and cheek pad etc.
  3. Kogapsp

    Fieldcraft Todays project camo

    I have always wanted to do this fleck Camo I guess it turned out ok. The rifle started out black. Used three colors the black was the rifle color. I have the step by step process starting with black if anyone wants to see it. kn
  4. E

    Rifle Scopes Help me outfit my new Tactical rifle project

    I just purchased a Savage 10FP DBM rifle with the new Choate tactical stock. I have been wanting to put together a tactical DBM rifle for awhile. It is a .308 but eventually I will screw on a .260 ackley barrel. I will use a 20 moa Ken Farrel base and burris signature Z-rings with inserts. I...
  5. JoeSmith

    AI-Sako Quad-The Project Begins!

    Day 1: The calm before the storm.
  6. Hawk45

    Suppressors Project: Safe door handgun storage for $15 (pics)

    So I've been thinking about what to do for a while and finally found a cheap and easy way to make use of the safe door to mount my handguns and free-up more interior room inside the safe. Not to mention it looks cool and makes it easier to find and organize my handguns while keeping them from...
  7. H

    Sako Quad Trigger Guard Project

    Just got the first unfinished proto-type from the shop. I'm having them move the front of the loop closer to the receiver screw so it is more like the factory, that way you have a little more room if wearing gloves. The special tool will be here soon so the outside of the guard will have a...
  8. D

    New rifle project, need caliber input please!!!

    I have just picked up a long action Rem 700 ADL in 300 win mag as a donor action. I want a cartridge for 1500-ish yards. I would like input on what can be built on this action which has: decent barrel life, affordable to shoot, good to great ballistics to the above distance.
  9. T

    My latest project rifle...CETME/HK91 Clone!

    While definately not a Sniper Rifle, I have always wanted to pickup a CETME or HK91 Clone. I sell parts and accessories, but few of my suppliers carry them for this oldie but goodie. So I instead chose to focus on the AR15 Platform and to a lesser degree the Remington 700 platform for my...
  10. summersux

    New project

    I am starting to put the pieces together for my first long range rifle. I have a savage m12 short action I am going to re barrel. I need help picking a good caliber to start with. I reload everything, so factory ammo is not a concern. I want the gun to have a good barrel life, be easy on my...
  11. mildot326

    Project Savage

    OK so this project started out as a regular bargain basement rifle from Savage. All things considered Savage rifles have improved over the years and given the price, there was no reason not to make an investment in one. BTW did I mention that there's only a few options for us "lefty's" The...
  12. NY700

    Savage 10 BAS or Finish a R700 project

    I recently got to handle the new Savage 10 BAS with the aluminum modular Chassis. Has anyone on the hide had any range time with the new savage? I here their out of the box accuracy is hard to beet and some where right around .5 MOA w/ match ammo. I am currently working on a Rem 700 in a B&C...
  13. P

    My MKII project, progress has been made. Updated

    After a 3 month wait my Sharp Shooter Supply stock showed up. Found some time to squirt a little color on it: If I can sneak a little more time it will get some satin clear and be put back together. The other side of the stock has 2 flush cups in it for my TIS sling. Here is a before pic with...
  14. O

    Gunsmithing 300 saum project?

    I just wanted to pick the brains of some experts around here about a project I have been thinking up. I am wanting to build a 300 saum on a s/a and run the 208 amax. Right now I am planning on using a surgeon round action in their wsm pattern with the 3.110" port in the bottom of the reciever...
  15. savagebuddah

    Gunsmithing new project should i

    Well i think i will start a new project i have a savage model 11 left hand 7mm-08 should i keep the 7mm-08 or go to a 308 i want a long range target/hunting rifle for 600 yards out i was thinking of a Mcgowen bull barrel and manners tactical stock i have not decided on barrel length i will...
  16. I

    Long range project completed

    A few photos of my first proper long range rifle. 7mm WSM Surgeon WSM action Bartlien Heavy varmint contour, 1-9 twist finished at 28. AICS 2.0 Jewell Nightforce 12-40x56
  17. Longrange****

    6BR/? switch barrel project

    Finally got enough parts to put the first barrel on!! -Stiller Tac-30 -McMillan McHale stock -Brux Barrel 30" finish...Broken Flutes...7.5 twist -Rifle Basix LV-1 Trigger -CDI bottom metal -Harris Bipod 6-9" Swivel -Stiller 20MOA Base -Millet 6-25 LRS (Not Pictured) Im stoked as hell!! This...
  18. M

    M1A Project

    I would like some help please. My next project is a M1A loaded rifle, I was wanting to keep it a battle rifle but also use for hunting deer, bear, and pig. Also I would put a scope on it and shoot it off hand if needed. I just looked at some stocks and saw the JAE stock. Would I be able to do...
  19. S

    Range Report 30-375 RPR project complete!

    30-375 Ruger Pearce magnum. ELR on a budget. It's been awhile but I finally have met all my goals! About 18 months ago I decided I wanted to have a rifle built for Extreme Long range(ELR)shooting from 1000Y to 1800Y.Since I already own a 375Cheytac for ELR out to 3000 yards which is very...
  20. Ishikawa

    Quad Project

    Thought I would post up my Quad project. I didn't end up going the PAI route since I had already purchased my Quad, Barrel and Scope mount. Plus, I am not a huge fan of the T4's. Instead, I decided to source all of the pieces and build a more hunting friendly rifle. I would like to thank all...