1. Jrb572

    Remington 7mm Rem Mag Question?

    What contour was the Secret Service using on there 7 mags? Are they still using them? What contour would it be in a Bartlein barrel? Thanks any help is appreciated.
  2. C

    Gunsmithing AICS and the REM 700 Bdl in 300 rum can it be done

    I am a first time user of this site . I have recently purchased a rem 700 bdl in 300 rum and am wondering weather it can be fitted to an ACIS stock as standard ? Is there anything I need to be aware of ? Has anyone got a good 2nd hand one for sale ?
  3. KeithR41

    Gunsmithing New member with Rem 700 question.

    Hi. I'm a sniper on my dept. Tac team. I shoot a Rem 700 PSS, 26bbl, Leupold MK IV 4.5-14. I am required to shoot FED. 168 GMM factory ammo for duty. However, for practice I found a hand load that shoots my cold bore to the same point of aim as my duty ammo. (I have to handload for my own...
  4. tireys

    RRA 2 Stage Nat. match trigger vs. Rem 700 40X

    I went to the range today. I just mounted a Vortex optic in a Burris P.E.P.R. 1 piece mount and wanted to get it sighted in. All in All The rifle and scope performed well. The kicker was the trigger difference. I only took my RRA along so I could get what I needed to get done, done. I have been...
  5. Stratmeister

    New .223 Rem, Sierra 55 gr. OAL issue?

    I got a new Weatherby TRR chambered in .223 Rem which has a Kreiger barrel, bought some factory Reminton 55 gr SP and Winchester 55 gr. Silvertip factory ammo. I also decided to load some home brew ammo to start building loads of my own. I picked up some Sierra 55 gr. HPBT bullets, some Midway...
  6. M

    Rem 700 SPS tactical ??

    I just bought(havent recieved it yet) a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in 308. The fella I bought it from says the word "tactical" is stamped on the barrel. Is there anything different about these remington rifles compared to the standard Rem 700 rifles? Thanks mike
  7. M

    Gunsmithing Which Mag Conversion for Rem 700/HS Precision?

    Its time to rebarrel my rem 700 sa vs synthetic varmint rifle. Which mag conversion would you guys recommend? I plan on using the oem hs precision stock. The Badger M5 and the V-Bull Precision mag conversion look great. Thanks In Advance, MickeyJr308
  8. X

    Rem M700 P questions

    1st, Are they doing one or not, or just a few now and then. 2nd, what is the mag overall length and whats the ejection port measure, other words whats my max overall length.
  9. hue001t

    primers for 7mm rem mag?

    i was qurious as to what primers i should look at for a 7mm rem mag
  10. popeyecop

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 sps wont stay cocked??????

    Sometimes when i go to lock the bolt in place to fire it wont stay cocked? any help would be heplful. Thanks
  11. D

    Cleaning a Rem 700 trigger

    If I remember correct, I read somewhere that the best method is to use cigarette lighter fluid. I have been doing a lot of shooting lately in very powdery dirt and my trigger pull is now anywhere between 2-4 pounds from shot to shot. Any details or recommendations?
  12. O

    260 Rem. vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    Im new to this forum, but not new to shooting and reloading. I've been doing that for 30 years now. In my safe i have quite a few 308 sniper rifles,TRG-22,FN-SPR,AI-AW,KIMBER Advanced Tactical,and 2 REM.700P's. This does'nt inclued my 300's,338L,and my 50 BMG's. Here's my problem, one of my...
  13. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger, remove the rem style bolt release?

    Have a jewell trigger with the rem style bolt release. Got a new action with a side bolt release. I know what happens when taking rem triggers apart, but would hate for this jewell to go "boing" when taking out the two large pivot pins, to remove the bolt release deal. Anyone ever successfully...
  14. M

    .243 twist ? Rem SPS Varmint

    I'm pondering the Remington SPS Varmint in a .243, which comes with a 26" 9 1/8" twist barrel. It seems like 1-8 is the way to go, but would the Rem factory barrel likely be O.K. with the 105/107gr range of bullets? Down the road I could always have a new barrel put on, but I'm thinking of the...
  15. Brushout

    Here's my Rem 504 after some Krylon!

    Ok, please send some constructive comments. This is my first paint job. I tried to do a desert "smear" camo and it sucked. So, I did it like this instead. Its a .17HMR 504T and its a VERY accurate shooter. I just picked up a scope, so once I get some rings to fit it, I will post some...
  16. Nocalphoenix

    Rem 581 Trainer rebuild

    Well it took a while but Im done and very happy. This was my first rifle and has eaten a ton of rounds. I considered going nuts with a full rebarrel but it still delivers 3/4" at 50yards with hunting ammo and I cannot hold much better than that in the field. The stock is a duplicate of the BC...
  17. V

    .260 Rem in an Accurized AR Platform

    I would like to hear from some of you guys that have built accurized AR-10 type rifles in .260 remington. I am thinking about getting on the waiting list for a GAP Accurized AR-10 in .260 Remington. I would like to know what kind of accuracy you have been able to achieve? Is this a good platform...
  18. 308skinner

    17 REM or 17 FIREBALL

    I wanting to build a small bore rifle so i can shot light bullets fast. It will be used just for PDogs and groundhogs and maybe coyotes. Does anyone have one of these? What is the distance on them? How well do they shot? What is barrle life on them or should i do a 1/12 twist 223?
  19. corsair_001

    Rem 700 Mil-spec 5R

    Well, finally got my rifle to the range on Friday. Topped it with Seekins 20 moa base, Burris extreme rings around a SS, and added a Harris bi-pod. I've been shooting gas guns almost exclusively the last 10 years, have to admit this bolt gun is fun. Sweet little gun, seems to prefer the...
  20. W

    Range Report 7mm Rem SAUM F Class Open

    Hi all i have been playing around with my new Lawton rifle i have chjambered an old 28" australian made 7mm 9 twist barrel to 7mm Rem SAUM the results i have got realy suprised me they do not come clost to what i have expected the load is as follows The chamber reamer has the factory case specs...