1. B

    Win 52 or Rem 37 Barrel?

    Purchased a barrel thinking it fit a Winchester 52. When I got it home and compared to another 52 barrel, I realized it was not the same. Did different versions of the 52 (b,c,d) use different barrel threads? Or maybe the barrel is for a Remington 37? With 2 exctractor cuts, I assume it fits...
  2. Seuss

    Range Report Surgeon round action 260 Rem range report

    Guys, Will try to keep this short. Got the Surgeon round action in the group buy, had a 6.5 Krieger I won and a Rock from the group buy. Had the gun built locally by Clarence Hammonds, shot the May Reade match w the Rock + my Shark can using 100 yard data from one range trip, was 4th after day...
  3. jamie

    Rem MSR time line? when will these be ready ? and has anyone had a chance to shoot one?
  4. galveston22

    Anyone have a tricked out 7mm Rem Mag sniper?

    If so, I have a deal for you. I have some really good 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Nosler BT professionally loaded by a guy out of San Antonio who owns Individual Reloading Services. I have about 20 rounds that I dont need anymore as I have sold the rifle that shoots it. I will ship it to you for just the...
  5. Y

    Rem 504t experience?

    Local shop has one for about 650.00 With the price of ammo and living less than and a mile from local range.. well, you know the story. Bottom line, good bang for your buck?
  6. MtnShot243

    Gunsmithing DBM for a Rem 700

    Anyone know if there has is any dbm for a Rem sa 700 223?
  7. P

    Gunsmithing Howa in .260 Rem and McRee stock for Howa?

    Hello all, I figured I would ask both questions in one shot instead of creating two threads... Since Howas are not offered in this flavor, I'm wondering if anyone here has a Howa rebarreled to .260 Rem? Which barrel did you go with? How is it performing for ya? Also, does anyone know if the...
  8. Sendero_Man

    .17 Rem. Fireball loads ?

    Friend here in Wyoming picked one of these up. Load data is limited. He is wanting to use 25 Vmax or HP. anyone have any good loads ? thanks, Scott
  9. N

    rem 700 VSF .308

    Im doing a bit of shoppin for my first stick, ive been doin a good bit of tyre kickin, anyway i came across this in a shop, anyway anybody on here got one?? if you have any pics it would be appreciated?
  10. 1shot2kill

    223 rem need load info 65 gr gameking

    i need load info for a 223 rem bolt gun 24 inch varmint contour 1 in 8 twist using winchester brass varget powder cci 400 primers and sierra game king 65 gr is anyone else using a similar load i just need to know how much powder to use and what type of results are being shown any info will be...
  11. C

    Rifle Scopes EGW 20MOA base on REM 700 screws dont fit

    Seems like I saw a post on this a while back but searched it and could not find it. I am installing an EGW base on a buddies REM 700 and the supplied screws are to small in diameter. Anyone know what the size is for the REM 700 receiver?
  12. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing 180 bergers in Rem WSM Action

    Does a Remingtom WSM receiver (used for a custom 7wsm) need to have the feed ramp altered to feed 180 bergers out of an AICS mag? TIA
  13. C

    Wanted: opinions of Rem. LTR rifles

    I'm curious as to what all the "experts" on the hide think of the Rem. LTR? Mine is a .308 and it will shoot sub moa at 100 yards when I do my part! That was with a Springfield Armory 4-14x56 on it. I traded that scope off and bought a NF 3.5-15x50 np-r2 which I have yet to mount on it. I know...
  14. J

    REM. SPS Tactical

    I am thinking about buying a Remington SPS Tactical in 223. Any info on this rifle would be appreciated.
  15. bohem

    Will a Rem 710 mag fit a Rem 700 action?

    I'm working on a project that's based on using a 700 BDL magazine for a 30-06. The local place has a pair of 710 mags for 30-06 at 15 bucks each. Will they fit a Rem 700? I don't think they will, but before I write off the cheap mags, I figured I'd ask the guys here who might have one.
  16. S

    Gunsmithing Another rem 700 action question

    I have noticed on one of my rem 700 that i have had blueprinted that after a dry fire the bolt seems a little stiff to open. On my factory rem 700's this isn't the case. Is this a good thing? I know the man that did the work is good to go so i am not to worried, just curious i guess. Like I said...
  17. mark5pt56

    Rifle Scopes Seekins base screws for Rem 700

    I aquired a Seekins 20moa base and 30mm rings(lightly used) today and the base did not have the 4 screws with it. Where can I find the four screws I need? They would be the standard 6x? (Rem 700) Please advise. Mark
  18. ltfirehunter

    MOA base for Rem 541T

    I have a Rem 541T and I am trying to find a 20 MOA base to go on this rifle. I currnently have a Leupold 1 piece base on it now with 1 inch rings and looking to maybe changing to a scope with a 30mm tube. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  19. M

    A Look @ Choate New Tactical Stock - Rem 700 Tact

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Choate's New Tactical 700 BDL stock. </span> <span style="font-weight: bold">The Specs: </span> The stock is made of Rynite polymer and is injection-molded around a precision CNC machined full length aluminum bedding block makes a solid rigid stock. The...
  20. S

    Gunsmithing what mag system?? rem 700 6BR??

    What would be the best magazine system for a remington 700 short action, if i were to chamber the barrel for a 6br?? I didnt know if one type would work a little better than another? thanks Lee