1. C

    260 barrel length

    Does anyone run a 260 Remington with a shorter 22" barrel, how much difference in velocity could be expected going with the shorter barrel? Going with an LTR stock bought here from another member, possibly trying the 120 AMAX with the rifle being primarily used for deer, coyote, and out to 600...
  2. jayjaytuner

    barrel length

    when everyone talks about barrel length.......say "yea i got a 22" barrel" etc... is this the total barrel length threaded into the barrel, or from the front of the recoil lug forward? yea kinda a dumb question, but was curious anyhow
  3. A

    Trim length

    What is an acceptable amount of tolerance in trim length in your opinion? Seems no matter how I set my case trimmer, and how tight I make the set screws, the cases never end up being the exact length. I set to trim at 2.008, and end up with cases that are 2.0065 through 2.009. Is this an...
  4. S


    GAP is building me a new shooter in 300WSM and need some feed back on barrel length . I am concerned about velocity loss I will be shooting 185 bergers it will have a brake on it so what do you think .I would like it to be 24inch with brake or less. Manners MCS-T stock Templar Action Bartlien...
  5. C

    Gunsmithing 358 winchester barrel length / profile

    Not a target gun... but this seems like a good place to pick people's brains Gotta pick the optimum length and profile for barrel. Gun will be used for spot and stalk / stand hunting gun. Looking at the range of stocks available for the new centerfeed short action. I was thinking barrel...
  6. H5N1

    Max Length Brass

    This morning I shoot a ten shot group at 100yds, for some unknown reason and end up with two groups. One center target and one 8in low and 6in left! So I puzzeled thinking "first time with this Triad rear bag, mabe I'm releasing the bag or some NPA issue". When I'm done(50rounds) and real...
  7. Blanman

    Savage throat length?

    how long do you savage owners have to load your 175 SMK's and 155 Lapua's till they touch the lands? just curious, thanks
  8. longtines

    Suppressors Minimum legal barrel length for suppressor

    I have been thinking about doing a T/C Encore 300 Whisper project for my suppressor, so I started checking on line for barrels. I found 15" barrels on several sites, but I thought 16" was the minimum length without it being registered as an SBR. What am I missing here???
  9. Benlow

    Barrel Length

    I was hopeing someone here could tell me the velocity difference between a 20" and 24" barrel with the same load. .223 ball park I am thinking about buying a new gun and am trying to decide between barrel lengths. Thanks
  10. S

    .243 Barrel Length?

    Would a .243 or 6mm at 24" or less suffer a velocity price and still have good velocity with 107's or DTAC 115's?
  11. M

    neck or full length resize?

    i was wondering how many folks here full length resize and how many neck size? and what are the reasons for choosing one over the other?
  12. J

    Gunsmithing Pillar length for Badger M5

    I'm gonna be getting my stock back from Manners any day and gonna have to rebed it , I was wondering if any of you guys have the correct pillar length for the Badger M5 bottom metal so that the action feeds well from the mag.
  13. Todd Heyn

    Dissapator Gas Tube Length???

    I have a Bushmaster Dissapator and I want to switch the factory handguards for a 4 rail free float handguard. My question is what length handguard should I buy? I want the new handguard to cover the gas system but do not necessarily need the extra length of a rifle length handguard if it is not...
  14. phlii

    Gunsmithing .308 Chamber Length

    What chamber length is considered "standard" for the .308? As a follow-up, what would be considered a "match" chamber length? Thanks in advance.
  15. J

    Shortest barrel length I can get away with on .308

    What is the shortest barrel I can get away with on a .308 to still get the most out of the round and be able to run all the way out to 1000 yards? 16"? 20"? I really dont want to go longer than 20" if I dont have to... and would like to go shorter unless it dramatically affects the...
  16. Dsparil

    Range Report 168gr + barrel length to 800 yards?

    what barrel length minimum?
  17. S

    Maggie’s forum length

    How long will a forum stay posted. Just curious.