1. ranger1183

    Gunsmithing Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull

    Does anyone know of a stock maker that can make a bolt action rifle stock with a Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull system? I know Warner Tool Company makes Thumbwheel Adjustable rifle stock hardware, but does any company use hardware like that for making a stock with thumbwheel adjustable...
  2. GasLight

    Thoughts on Barrel length for the 7mm-08 imp.

    Wondering if anyone is playing around with the 7mm-08 improved, and what barrel lengths are ideal. I just got in 3 26" barrels, and am wanting to cut them down, but not sure what is acceptable on the lower end... Dave
  3. Smokin

    Suppressors Blade Length Limitations in TX, AZ, NV, FL, CA?

    Amazingly California does not have any blade length restrictions (outside of schools, and a few other exceptions) for non-switchblade type knives. Are there any restrictions in TX, AZ, NV, and FL?
  4. nashlaw

    .260 Barrel Length

    I have a .260 Remington(not improved) and would like the tube shortened. I would love it at 20", but was thinking that might be too short. Please relate your life experiences regarding this. Thanks, David
  5. 4th Horseman

    Suppressors S.A. TRP OPERATOR (FULL LENGTH RAIL) question

    While on the topic of TRP Operators...Can anyone point me in the direction for a holster to fit mine...It has the full length rail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Billy C
  6. P

    Ogive Length

    I finally bought the Hornady device for measuring ogive length. I think I need a little education. If I understand correctly, the ogive length is the distance from the bolt face to the point that the bullet touches the lands. If so, should the ogive length be the same regardless of the bullet...
  7. N

    6.5 Lapua scenar bullet length

    Loaded up some 123 grain scenars for my 6.5X47 when I first got it. Overall length was 2.736" and 2.164" to the ogive. Really liked that bullet in my rifle, so bought 300 more and began loading more up recently. Seated them to 2.163" at the ogive. Overall length of these was 2.720"...
  8. G

    .300 win mag barrel length

    Its been pretty well established that the best all around length for a .308 precision bolt rifle is 20-22 inches. What about .300 win mag? Id like to add a suppressor to my 700 pss, but the factory barrel length would be cumbersome at best. What about 24 inches?
  9. Nocalphoenix

    Gunsmithing Measuring legal over all length?

    Regarding barrel length and overall length does a permanently attached flash hider, comp or standoff device count? If so what does the ATF consider a permanent means of attachement? Specifically this would be in regards to a 2 1/2" breaching device on a Remington 870. The last owner had the...
  10. Tactical30

    What MTU Length barrel?

    Im putting a Krieger MTU barrel on a Mcmillan A-5 stock, .300 Win Mag, Remington 700 L/A , Badger bottom metal, Badger FTE muzzle brake, Badger USMC DMR scope rings, Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm scope, 20moa scope rail, custom paint job, Surgeon Bolt knob, Everything trued over but I just cant decide...
  11. *Nine

    Gunsmithing Pick a barrel length for my .223AI (with a poll!)

    I'm currently waiting for my gunsmith to get my Lilja barrel so it can be instaled on my action. Initially I told him to finish it to 27". A week or so later I called him and asked him to make it 24" when it came in. Since then I've been reading more here and learning and it seems lots of people...
  12. G

    Gunsmithing Cutting a barrel down, What length?

    I have a Rem 700 varment in 308, it has a 26" barrel. I'm wanting to shorten the barrel and recrown. I will be using for hunting and shooting at range out to 1k yards. what length would be best, wanted 20" but was woundering if 21" or 22" would be better? I wanted to be shorter for weight and I...
  13. Wheres-Waldo

    Gunsmithing Barrel Length: how much is too much?

    Application: Accurized Snipers Paradise Run Cactus Tac. 300 Win Mag for as much range as I can muster out of it. A 300WM Match reamer will be used on the new tube. Throated for the 208 A-Max. Im thinking either Rock Creek, Obermyer, Krieger or another...
  14. Opiy

    CQB Rifle barrel length question

    Would a 14" be entirely to long for a inside house/building weapon? What is ideal barrel length? I am thinking SWAT style entry weapon. I am just weighing my options here on a new firearm (assuming the alabama SBR bill passes very soon) for close range shooting. What do some of you guys use in...
  15. LongShot94

    Barrel length

    i know this has been beaten in but, i have a 700p in .308 and im going to have the barrel cut down. i use for hunting and target shooting. i shoot it out to 600 yrds alot and 1000 occasionally using BH 175. i would like to go with 18 or 20 inches. how much velocity would i lose if i went 18? is...
  16. DarinR

    Range Report 6.5 Creedmoor barrel length?

    I would normally just get a 26" barrel and be done with it but I will probably run it suppressed a good amount so I am looking at making it a few inches shorter. Has anyone ran the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47L or .260 Remington at 22" or so and regretted it? Most shooting will be less than 600 yards...
  17. xmikex

    Suppressors What barrel length for rem 700 + suppressor?

    OK - I searched and wasn't able to find this question - if it's been answered, please post a link :-) I've got a .308 Rem 700 and I'm typically shooting FGMM 168gr. I'd like to get my barrel threaded and I'm wondering what the preferred / suggested length would be. Thanks in advance, Mike
  18. F

    Mark II BTVS length of pull...

    I really love my BTVS but the LOP is about two inches too short. I am thinking about getting a limbsaver recoil pad to extend the LOP and have a couple questions about that. First, does anyone make an extended butt plate for the Savage MKII BTVS? If not, what size of grind down does it take...
  19. H

    .223 trim to 1.750 what if length is shorter?

    i have some once fired LC 06 nato headstamp. some of the cases are allready under the 1.75 as short as 1.744. as long as i fit the projectile to the proper cartridge overall length am i good to go? also while i am asking questions. i have 5 manuals none list the reciepe i found components for...
  20. H

    Which Barrel Length?

    I am building a new gas rifle and am wanting to do it in 260 remington. Which barrel length would be the best? I am looking at the 20 in. and the 24 in. from DPMS as the money situation prevents getting one from places like Satern, Shilen, etc at this time. Any suggestions appreciated.