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Glock Holster

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Wife wants to upgrade me to a better holster for my upcoming anniversary. The one I’m using now is old, dried out, and cracking every time I slip it into it. After years of hard use I think I’ve finally worn it out.

who makes good Glock holsters...

We just lost one of the Greats....Rush Limbaugh

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  • Replies: 20
Rush Limbaugh has passed as his wife Katherine just announced.......A great defender of the Second Amendment and changed my views towards firearms.

I will miss him greatly. God Bless and thank you for all you have done to demonstrate the greatness...

Ultimate KRG Bravo upgrade

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  • Replies: 34
After spending about 6 months with two Vudoo V-22's in the KRG Bravo chassis that I built for my daughters I have personally grown to love the Bravo. So much so that I have sold all my other chassis and stocks. In this time I have added the weighted...

AR15 Suppressor

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  • Replies: 29
So I’ve got a rifle I am wanting to suppress and another on the way. Looking to finally get my first (and maybe second) suppressor(s). I’m 99.9% sure the first suppressor will be a Socom RC2 5.56 ran off a Warcomp for my primary AR.

I’ve got two main...

HAM radio Awesomeness Here!

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  • Replies: 35
A week or so ago I saw this image in a link over at the CMP forums....


The topic was "When was the first combat use of the Garand".

This is a picture of GI's on Bataan prior to the surrender and the Garand is...

If you could only own one suppressor ?

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  • Replies: 63
I keep reading that there is no “one size fits all” suppressor. I am no expert in suppressors and looking for some help.

I have about a $1400 max budget- including tax stamp and all. I was hoping to get something(s) I could run on 9mm /5.56/ 308 /...

Is my Savage worth upgrading?

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  • Replies: 75
I've got a Savage 10T i bought from cabelas a couple years ago to get into long range shooting. Thanks to black friday sales and some gift cards I only paid $377 for the rifle. I've been having a blast enjoying long range shooting, have attended a few...

Some of you suggested looking at .300BO vs 5.56

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So I started looking at a .300 BO and told its dying and not worry of investment. But from available ammo and new weapons, I don’t see this as a dying cartridge.

Agree or disagree?

If you disagree, what’s a good alternative for personal defense weapon.

Home required inventory by town?

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Friend of mine has a family owned vacation cabin that doesn't get used by anyone except family. She recently received a noticed of a requirement by the town that it wanted a complete inventory of all personal items. Furniture, kitchen appliances...

Montana Girl

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MONTANA GIRL - What A Story for 2nd Amendment

In our 'Woke' society the criminal mindset has been excused. But, in Montana this 11 year old just is not buying it.

11 YR OLD WHO SHOT ILLEGALS thanks FOX NEWS for reporting it ....

A Shotgun-armed...